Aimless Details

In subsequent practice, men have forgotten our particulars, but recoridaran, unconscious by a common sense, how to apply the very beginning to the immediate circumstances. Learning is useless has-ta be lost textbooks, burned noites taken and forgotten the minutiae which meimoria learned for exams. That which, as details needed continuously, remain fixed in memory as evident, as the sun and moon, and what is needed only chance may be bus-carlo in any reference work. The role of universities is to train the learner deshaicerse details for the benefit of the principles. When I speak of principles, I mean not even a verbal formulations.

A principle that we completely soaked is more a mental habit than a formal statement. It becomes the way the mind reacts to appropriate stimulus forima illustrative circumstances. Nobody gives preisentes rodeos if you have knowledge in a clear and conscious. Mental culture is just as satisfactory to be funcioinar mind when its activity is stimulated. Often we speak of learning as if we were watching the open pages of every book we read, and then, when the opportunity arises, we choose the page relevant for reading aloud to universoa . a Me was very impressed pensamienito paralysis induced in pupils by the aimless accumulation of precise coinocimientos, inert and useless. The prin-cipal purpose of a university professor should be shown in its true cairacter, that is, as an ignorant man thinks, actively utiiliza that small portion of knowledge. In a sense, knowledge decreases with increasing wisdom, since the details are absorbed by the principles.