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WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS OR AFFILIATES? Affiliate marketing is a system or program that consists of two parts that interact to achieve a win win, those two parts are: 1-A seller or owner of the product or service is the tangible or intangible that you want or need to sell through internet. 2-A affiliate is an individual or person acting in a way dependent for the trader to help promote the product or service that you want to sell, through its affiliate program in exchange for a commission equivalent to a predetermined percentage of each sale. Bobby Kotick usually is spot on. Another relevant question would be: Why is the trader sells the product not only on their own? The answer is that it would demand a great personal and economic effort to try to reach all potential customers and so keep to if 100% of profits. In response, the merchant decides an affiliate program which represented for an army of independent sellers who promote their product on their behalf in return for a commission, which will allow you to reach very many niche markets at lower cost and with very little effort on your part. Other questions would be: “When I become a staff member of the merchant? Are there contracts, hours etc? The answer is not at all.

No employee will be no There are no contracts or schedules you are free to do their jobs as you want and when you want. only be concerned in this regard to tell which is the commission paid by the Affiliate for each sale. When and how did you pay their fees?. the trader to provide good methods of advertising and promotion of the product or service. And most important of their concerns must be to help drive traffic to the merchant’s website using their own methods of advertising at this point you were wondering: How do I earn commissions? whenever a customer who has led you to use their own methods of advertising, purchase the product or service you will receive the stipulated commission for every sale.