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Benefits Of Glass

Glass – a material that can completely change the interior and transform the room. Glass is not only a tool for natural lighting of the building, but also used in the design of the internal design of premises, in the manufacture of furniture. Many companies are engaged in processing and supply of glass and glass products, with product range is very wide: more than two hundred types of glass and glass products, as well as many services glass processing. In the first place in sales, of course, is a transparent glass, which in large quantities are used in construction. Such glass is buying a company engaged in the production of windows. Plate Glass transparent use of thickness 1,9-19 mm, depending on target orientation, and is as polished and unpolished. Glass can not be totally transparent, one of the species – this glass is enlightening in which lowered the content of iron oxide.

It has a high level of light transmission – up to 91%, and it does not have a greenish tint, like ordinary glass. For interior decoration, for protection from the sun using special types of glass. Tinted glass – a type of this glass, it restricts access to sunlight, and closes out the room from prying eyes. Frosted glass to buy, in this glass, one surface subjected to acid treatment, thus achieving a nice matte effect, but such coverage remains unchanged during the entire operation. Glass reinforced, it represents the glass, within which to reinforcement is a metal grid.

During the production process grid, placed between two strips of plastic glass is passed through rollers, which they firmly held together. In the case of fire, wired glass may crack but net delay and prevent the spread of fire. And even if the image several faults, broken glass did not fall out. Wired stnklo used for glass staircases, glass partitions in public, industrial and residential buildings, for balcony railings, it is everywhere, where you get the glass structure. Triplex glass – is a strong pressed glass from the heat, or fused glass layers. In connection with its multilayer, it has increased strength. Manufacture of glass triples involves coating a special film to give even greater strength of the glass. Of triplex make partitions, glass floors, etc., in order to get a glass of excellent quality with excellent durability. There is a laminated transparent, colored and decorative, from what you get the hang of how thick or triplex glass, the price will also vary. Likewise, many companies produce glass blocks, which are used in the construction of interior and exterior walls. They are functional, as are both wall and a light source, often glass blocks used in enterprises and factories. But the glass blocks are used in residential construction, to create internal walls, construction of swimming pools, bathrooms Rooms and interior design. They make it possible to perform interesting light and spatial solutions, having different shapes and colors and can withstand a combination with any style. In addition, a great heat and sound insulation material, and a wall of such material need not be further processed, and from the hygienic point of view, glass blocks – great stuff. And unlike ordinary glass it is not easy to break, when damaged, can be replace a single item.