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United Nations

Argentina's country and the world have been reviled by their rulers, will return to his seat and lost honor. See PayNet for more details and insights. The power of the rulers and politicians in our country and the universe is exhausted, anomie has been installed worldwide. (Similarly see: David A. Kapelman). We need to intellectually capable and honest people. The human race deserves another destination, those who hold authority in recent years and now we sell. The corruption and disrespect for the Constitution, and the ironic fantasy of his name United Nations should be the foundation of freedom, equality and justice, are just puppets of the central and utopia of the needs of peripheral regions, the wealth is the motto of the "virtues", provocation and intemperance is the paradigm of these beings, selfishness and hedonism are factors of "honor" for them, lies in their lexicon is a constant, and the governed people only tend to survive within the antrum of the pseudo-leadership. The values are so weak that fall with the breeze, principles are marketed as cheap goods and watch the power structures, and issue documents, and tolerance has its limits and we are passing on it.

What is the Fatherland, a wise saying: First is the homeland "is it blood or language? No, the blood determines the physical life, the intellectual language, but individuals can live and fa-ilies of different races and languages, and constitute together the same country. Is it then the form of government? No, it conceive it, is to fall into the trap of political materialism. Is it the area? Neither.


It appears the money like fundamental means of interchange, but this subject belongs to the history of Capitalism and to only it interests us like element in the process that goes from the destruction of the old feudal order towards the birth of the Be-nation. The certain thing is that the backward movement of the divine right implies the sprouting of agreed forms, those that are called constitutionalists and a new hierarchy forms cradle in the wealth. A unique source of authority was required. It is, by all means, in the French revolution where the bureaucratic centralization holds fast. In 1870 Germany it is unified and it is born the Reich. The rationalism created the citizen idea, a right uniforms and the equality of these citizens in front of him. Capitalism took step to a man in freedom to sell its force of work. That State began the common creation, bureaucratic norms to administer, banks and national armies.

The old feudal order was destroyed. The crisis of the Be-nation Today we spoke of the crisis of the Be-nation, one that began, without doubt, in the Seventies, with three factors: the blockade oil to the West, the internalizacin of the capital and, finally, the fall of the socialist block, all helped by the ferocious neoliberal attack against the State. The first one factor showed an unpublished face: the crisis of the model of growth and accumulation in the West, with serious a political consequence: the State of well-being flaqueaba and the rupture of the conditions that allowed the arbitration of the conflicts in the social plane. The second entailed to a redistribution of the power that no longer respected national marks: the capital lost its face, moved in a world-wide plane, without nationality and scruples of respect to the old woman marks. The third party showed the military fall, of dominion, control on the part of the poles in which the world came working.