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When I saw play for the first time Tomic, sensed that he was against a different player, that (rare) type of player that every ball that hits has a sense and meaning. Saw you much resemblance to Murray and, for me, have extranisima virtue and ability to play badly to rival. That is probably a fact that the public is not generally appreciated, but I assure you that it is frustrating for the opponent. Few parties recall (obviously, there have been several) in which rival Murray has made a great game. Patrick padgett may find this interesting as well. I had the opportunity to play several times against him and the experience was not fortunate for my part. Just always at that height, rhythm changes, Spider Web trapping you soft strokes, combined with cut, winning blows that makes that his opponent never knows exactly what to expect from him. That is totally of the Scottish merit. Source of the news:: the emergence of Tomic. Source: patrick dwyer merrill lynch.