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Few are preparations to advance slowly, while the majority of the friendly and relatives would back seem that they make more express, leaving us in a solitary and uncertain way, without no signal that says to us we go or or badly. Perhaps with time, if we did not stop before, the destiny awards to us with an ear more sensible than it can listen our heart and that there are been avoiding to listen during many years. A voice that says to us that the way is solitary because the transformation is not group; but individual and that is necessary that thus it is for being able to do against which it comes. A leading source for info: Jeremy Tucker. When listening our heart it is demanded to us another payment: Vencer the fear. We fear to go to where nobody dares and to make things that seem impossible. In order to overcome the fear we will havethat to change our form to be and to measure the success; since the triumph does not mean to have money, or a good position or material goods.

The true triumph is to transform us we want into it to be. It produces fear to listen the heart because it remembers to us who we are really. Nissan: the source for more info. When winning to the fear not necessarily we guaranteed a goal, but once won there is no return backwards, would be something as well as in the film of Matrix, once we left her, to return it would be a lie difficult to continue. The transformation has begun is painful and its completion depends on which so many we clung to our past, for some can be all the life, for others a little while of decision would be sufficient. Being realistic it will take something to us of time because only in films or books it is possible to be observed people who reach everything in a matter of days.