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United States Disease Control Center

Barcelona, may 2009-. Studies on consumption of soft drinks and obesity are becoming more numerous, and yet contradictory outcomes – also provoke heated debate. To try to shed light to the controversy, the scientific journal Nutrition Research Reviews recently published an article entitled soft drinks and obesity: a systematic review of the evidence on the basis of studies and analyses, in which warning of the risk of extrapolating results from studies carried out in the European population United States. The majority of the results of studies conducted with children and adolescents come from United States, where consumption of sugary soft drinks is two times higher compared to the one registered in Europe, explains. Also, this article adds that American society has a lifestyle more sedentary than the existing in Europe, what aggravates the problem of overweight and obesity.

And concludes: most studies suggest that the effect of the consumption of soft drinks on an eventual weight gain is small except in people who are prone to gain weight or have high levels of consumption. Obesity among the American population has increased considerably and according to data from the United States Disease Control Center, in 2005 there was a 23.9% of obese adults, with a BMI greater than 30, while in 2007 that percentage already reached 25.6 per cent. Meanwhile, according to data from the Spanish society for the study of obesity (SEEDO) and the Spanish society of Endocrinology and nutrition (SEEN), the percentage of adult population with obesity in Spain does not reach 16%. This is, almost 10% less than that has United States, an argument that reinforces the thesis provided by Nutrition Research Reviews.

Dont Panic Before Retirment

Due to the rising unemployment and increasing life expectancy our pension system is in years, and increasingly in a financial emergency. Checking article sources yields Pinterest as a relevant resource throughout. The change in the age structure in our country must be well considered as the main reason for this. To illustrate: in 2000, 51 retirees were financed by 100 contributors, in the year 2010, there are already about 58 in 2040 and already about 83 pensioners. Having thus worsening the situation, it is going around, the specter of pension! The statutory pension insurance remains little scope to redevelop the face of development. Learn more about this with Tom Smith. The increase in the contribution, the state grant, the retirement age or lowering pension amounts or the deletion of individual services are the instruments that can be used for regulation. But each of these instruments has a downside. On the one hand wants to keep wage costs stable, on the other hand, the state pushes financially now its limits and beyond.

The retirement age is increased, but this instrument has its limits. So remains only as a way to share, to more private provision of citizens. With the introduction of the Riester pension and the pension Rurup, the policy set in this respect unique character and opportunities created tax treatment, and provision must be made with allowance for retirement. In addition, the Company Pension Plan has strengthened and useful. The fact is, information and initiative are increasingly important. State allowances and tax breaks to use, know about the claims from the statutory pension insurance decision, yet also understand the technical terms .A lexicon for insurance and financial world to hand is recommended in any case. Anyone who is informed and soon enough, the panic is also alien to retirement age.

Performance Cars

Service that will give you auto insurance adjusters can vary since sometimes do not have the ability to serve a large number of claims. It is entirely preferable to contract with insurers of large, while larger cars best service and ability in insurance for automobiles. Know the terms of the policy of insurance there will know what are the obligations of an adjuster. Self-insurance adjusters work is to identify and know the damage suffered by your vehicle, occupants as well as damage to third parties. His work is to evaluate the accident vehicle either theft, damage or total loss, they consider the percentage of damage, resolve their doubts in everything related to your vehicle and it will mainly explain the time that will happen in the workshop and that percentage must pay deductible. They will do an analysis to determine how aroused the shock addition are those who shall negotiate with the affected car auto insurance.

Calculate the indemnity that corresponds by the insurance undertaking shall be the judgment of the examiner, this will also be responsible for determining if you have not violated any clause. When some sinister has been you should make a statement about the events, insurance adjusters and cars have a handling time and coordinated situations to provide the best service to customers. Physical inspection allows you to visually verify the accident site to determine that driver was the culprit. Where the adjuster note some inconsistencies or drunk by the driver may request a resolution opinion or deny you car insurance service, remember to read each of clauses, warnings and general terms and conditions of your insurance policy. All elements must be studied by a specialist who work directly in car insurance, through said analysis will be an opinion justified with any statement in writing that she took in automobile insurance adjuster. To finish the article to continued enlistaremos the main functions of an auto insurance adjuster: verify the validity of the insurance policy as well as make sure that automobile that was sinister also has self-insured the cause and the mobile incident report on the amount of the loss determine the compensable amount and let you know the insured to the extent will be responsible for the insurance of cars with information on insurance for cars

Insurance Questions

The last month of June AMV, motorcycle and quad insurance specialist, was invited by insurance, insurance professionals magazine, to talk about the most current issues in the sector of the insurance brokers, especially the rates during 2010 and the new active actors in the sector. 1 Do you think that there is price war on motorcycle insurance? How will prices evolve in 2010? In recent years numerous companies, have joined the motorbike insurance market which has incredibly expanded offer available to the user. The increased competition has not only affected the price aspect, but it has complicated the recruitment of collaborators and/or business. Always the price has been constituted as a determinant factor when making the decision of hiring, but the current economic situation has most increased the importance of setting an appropriate price. The sector has promoted a very aggressive pricing policy with low prices for new production in order to capture to the clients, but when it comes to renovating consumers suffer increases in tariffs.

Since AMV, has sought a policy based on competitive prices for new production, and loyalty to your portfolio. In addition to price, today, consumers are also starting to value to the companies in the sector, by the values transmitted: confidence, closeness, social commitment, etc., what is allowing make great strides and achieve differentiation with respect to the rest of the competitors. 2. In the branch have entered quite a few companies lately, how are living this new competition? At AMV we specialize in motorcycle and quad insurance for 35 years. We were the first to respond to the issue of insurance, since by then the companies did not want to make motorcycles. We launched to the market a company that launched an innovative system of pricing, which contrasted with the rigidity of the tariffs of other companies of the sector, which had no in He has the real needs of bikers, and not differentiated between different types of motorbike or the use that is outside them to give.