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Nebrija Business School

6 Qualities that the new leader of the 21st century must have searched participants can earn 10,000 and a scholarship. PayNet usually is spot on. Madrid, 26 July 2010 following the success of the first edition, Nebrija Business School launches the second edition of the contest Its time for new leaders, which is to discover the six essential qualities that will require new leaders business of the 21st century.Participating in this game, in addition to having a good time and learn about the lives of great characters of history that improved our society, we want to convey to participants the values of the new business leadership as we understand it in Nebrija Business School, explains Carlos de Benito, director of the business school. In this game you can participate any person of legal age resident in Spain. Interested parties need only register on the web. In the contest are proposed thirty qualities of leadership associated with characters that represent them. Between the characters and their qualities, found from Nelson Mandela to John Lennon, for example.

Participants must select six of these, previously by enrolling in the contest. If your selection matches the posed by business school they will compete for the prize. This year the competition is easier since participants will receive different emails and a list of sites where you can find tracks. A bag of 10,000 will be distributed among all persons whose selection matches the 6 that are saved under affidavit if there is only an acertante person, the 10,000 euros and qualities identified by Nebrija Business School will be for her. In addition, a scholarship Nebrija Business School will be drawn to pursue an MBA between all the winners qualifying for the master (requirements: be college students, graduates or university graduates between 18 and 30 years living in Spain).

Latin America

The hydroponic Green fodder (FVH) is a technology that is used as an alternative for production of food for animals of digestive system monogastrico and poligastrico. The FVH is a high quality, health, quantity and food in less time with respect to the conventional production. This technology allows the use of spaces small or large as cellars, sheds, houses, pigsties, stables which are usually abandoned at a farm or a specific premise, where these spaces are exploited to the maximum in its horizontal and vertical form. The FVH technology has allowed many producers livestock sector overcome adverse conditions of food shortages in times of drought, Frost, flooding, and in general natural disasters. The FVH technology implementation, allows you to considerably improve the sustainability in the short, medium and long term of a livestock productive project either meat or milk since their production costs considerably lower. The variability of the climate in recent years it has brought negative consequences for the population and the global economy, significantly lowering food production leads this to the same shortages and more expensive basic family basket products. The productive food chain that begins in the field until reaching the consumer has been affected in Latin America by the cycles of the el Nino phenomenon and the phenomenon of the girl.

Agricultural producers are the first who must be prepared to face these adversities in order to sustain their production and productivity in their daily activities whether in the agricultural or livestock part and the only way is knowing the existing technology in the middle that is developed through years of research by scientists and is transmitted to producers in the field through training by State entitiesprivate professional, and the agricultural sector. Taking this argument into account, ask you Mr producer field: 1. are you ready to face a long drought, unexpected flooding that may affect you in a 100% pastures for their livestock and hence your business? 2 And if you are prepared, how long can resist and keep your business with forage reserves available? Do 3 keeps you enough liquidity to acquire food right in the market and are willing to pay a high value for the to keep their animals?, don’t forget, that every expense that you do outside your estate for acquiring food, requires more effort and an increase in production costs that not going to recognize the buyer or intermediary. It is in that moment, when it begins to falter in the business that despite efforts is this realizing that the business is no longer profitable. Original author and source of the article.