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Direct Purchase

GrupGV is leader in the market of purchase sale of companies with more than 15 years of experience in the main cities of Spain. The GrupGV job to acquire companies in crisis and try their sanitation and refloating and, later, in some cases, to sell them again. General rule, it’s small and medium-sized enterprises – both industrial and services sector-who for various reasons have been doomed to a difficult situation, with an indebtedness that cannot afford and that without our intervention would inevitably aimed at a cessation of activity and closing. When a society contact Grup Gv, a first visit takes into account the possibilities of your business and also feelings that transmits. If illusion is perceived and a commercial potential comes to analyze the numbers, who are finally determined whether or not the case is viable. THE action plan already begins with an analysis of the current situation of the company to check if there is the possibility of translating a realistic future viability plan.

As a complement to this analysis is performed an audit to determine the possibilities of continuity. If the report gives a positive score of the team of analysts, Grupgv proceeds to the acquisition of the shares or corporate shares and begins the process of restructuring. At the same time also searched for synergies with other similar or complementary companies in the sector. Once the situation has stabilized and has a consolidated project is decided if it gets to sale or is integrated into the industrial group. In the majority of cases, poor management and the current difficulty of access to bank credit are the main causes of an envelope unacceptable debt for the company. Often employers mistakenly think that which will make Grupgv is financing their debts and leave the company again in their hands. This is not the philosophy of Grupgv and would be a mistake, since you need the company is a model change and restructuring that entrepreneurs have not failed to make. When Grupgv participates in a society, it does so with all its consequences, including, if necessary, industrial and commercial restructuring, labour adjustments and the implementation of a new business approach. In this sense, a new management team used to work in situations of extreme difficulty, allows you to act in a way more professional and objective and with greater options to achieve the objective which is that save the company.