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The Farm

It remained off even in the sporting tight curve to the parking garage. The shirts and blouses from the cleaning brought, are now elegantly suspended on the hook behind the driver’s seat. The additional relief; before that dangled from the rear Pages pane and barred the overview on the side rolling traffic. The girlfriend’s birthday; It is the gift bottle in the gift bag without faulty kinks and around kollern to take, to get well. Bag hook and drive safely is easier now, even the greeting card and the 2 champagne glasses remain intact. The concert is in the evening, as it is known; the Lady never goes without purse and bag. Now everything on the hook is attached properly, remains there and nothing must be collected under the seat or in each corner of the car.

Yoghurt shopping or onion network bag. everyday life makes essential the hook and I find more and more fun the order also in the car. The weekend with the family, window-shopping; fast in downloading the last pumps or Stilettos bag, hanging on the car hooks, continue. Recently we had brought a potato sack in the passing of the farm market, and he sure hung on hooks. Just came I by jogging the wet forest running shoes in the bag put and this piece on hacking Home installed.

Before loud Earth crumbs and leaves would be flown around in the trunk or in the footwell. The most important thing for me; Kajals, cell phone, lipstick and glasses always stay in the Pocket, not topple, no longer passes its secret contents of the environment, but depends on good and emergency equipment on the hook. Whether the rain-jacket by the handle store the CAP or the nets, save whether camera equipment or tool bag hanging, whether Lady bag half household there; the hook can withstand what.With this hack, much seems to be better in the mobile world. The linchpin for all earned his Namen.Nur too which have so long looking male/female. Auffwachen world there are a lot of good to find! Ute of Alisher