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Collaborative Businesses

Whereas Facebook and Twitter often are mentioned like distractions for the employees, the immediacy of the networks, the collaboration and the community offer a great hope for the businesses. Nowadays, a massive technological change is in march, taken for the first time by the employees to attract these benefits the work places. And this change has happened recently. Facebook has surpassed the 400 million active users in only six years and Twitter counts with 105 million users registered in only four. These networks have trained to a generation for a new style of collaboration through profiles, updates of state, the groups, the lists and the filters.

Like such, they have changed our expectations of how we must be able to connect themselves with others and to collaborate in real time. But when we come to work, we threw all this by the window. The immediacy concept does not exist here and could say that here it is where it matters more. Many companies are catched in the past by the use of old fashioned technologies that were put in march before the Web existed. For just graduated that is inserted in the work market, he is against-intuitive having to return to these slow forms of collaboration. Like result, we are more productive with our personal networks than we are with our colleagues and clients. Approaching the Place of Work the Social Era Why we would not have to wait for the real time of collaboration in the work? The businesses happen in real time.

The changes of market happen in real time. Swarmed by offers, Wells Fargo is currently assessing future choices. The information changes in real time. Why it would not have to pass in real time the collaboration and the learning in the businesses? That question is the inspiration for the new social tools that enter the market of work that has the same aspect and feeling that Facebook or Twitter.