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Task Manager

The keys will not respond except to enter an unlock code, all that is called the Task Manager, a screen magnifier, appears behind this banner. When you press the power button on the computer first rolled banner can be seen running program, but stop off the machine, is no longer possible. Booting in safe mode leads to a blue screen. Alternatively, only to find the code that is not so rapidly spread on the Internet, or remove the banner handles that now, and draw. You'll need: working computer. Disk image Alkid Live cd & usb. Program is to mount and burn CDs.

So, download the Download trimmed Alkid Live cd & usb 137.50 Mb us, this is quite enough, or if you do not hurry, you can download the full version. Alkid Live cd & usb (10.06.2010) Full 437.84 Mb This is a bootable disk with Windows pe, which enables us to load on your machine and enter the registry. Extract the image from the archive and burn it to cd. For those who do not know how to burn image to disk. Downloading the software UltrISO unpack it in a folder and run the file UltrISO UltrISOPortable.exe In the catalog: find the folder where you unpacked the disk image file with ico. In my case, this folder WinPE_USB, in the File name box, click on the file extension ico, in my If the file is MiniAlkid.iso