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The Base Of All Internet Entrepreneurship: A Business Idea Internet

We talked to hundreds of people throughout our experience on the Internet and increasingly we realize that we have no clear idea of how to build a profitable Web site. Often Web pages are based on their competence, so do browsing the search engines like Yahoo and Google using some key words from your subject and then they get their ideas, copy the same content and adapt to its name, until some take photos of these pages, use the same names of links to create a menu, etc.. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ben Silbermann and gain more knowledge.. After having all this, call a designer to create the website and also dream of making millions of dollars in just a few months. Today we want you to understand this is a huge mistake, and if he was doing we advise you to stop right now, and do not do more because it is safer to have guaranteed to backfire. So do not waste your time or money. When we meet someone who wants to build a website and have done things we have mentioned, they were simply says: If you continue doing what does and will invest in a website based on referrals from other sites, content, photos etc …

it is much easier to collect your money and head to the garbage dropping $ 100 bills that will invest in this undertaking, for in doing this is more intelligent and that the time spent developing the website will be double loss. In effect, you lose time and money. What is meant is that’s not how websites are made. Eye … does not mean that the investigation of the competition is not important, it is clear that much, but to build a profitable site, the first thing to do is ask: What is my purpose in developing a Web site? This is the most important question that should be done .. Go and take a piece of paper and pencil and answer this question and not get up until you have the answer. Written by Carlos Andres Gallego Editor Dir Marketing – Free book, “How To Build A Web Site That Sell.”