Site Construction

Russian bath – it's not only great fun and a great opportunity to relax, but also an excellent means of recovery. Body during bathing cleared produces adrenaline, strengthens the immune system. Except addition, the bath very uplifting. Many familiar coming after this wonderful sense of renewal procedures and how the world seemed to be painted with new, bright colors. So why not make the bath was weekly ritual? And if you have all the necessary conditions to build a bath on its own site, then it would be foolish not to do it.

Choose a location make this decision, we must first decide on a place. Ideally put her on the riverbank. Just not very close to the water, and at some distance to the spring flooding has not occurred. If you can not build a bathhouse near the lake, then on the site next to it is to install a pool. More one point in deciding where is the problem of waste water – if the room will be standing on a small hill, it is much easier to solve – for sewer tray in this case, the minimum burial depth is sufficient.

Bath to provide guidance with respect to the cardinal directions. Doors are usually made to the south, and the window – on the western side – in the evening sun will illuminate the room as far as weather conditions permit. With respect to bath sizes, they are set on the basis that soared to a few people.