Puerto Rico

In the internal ones of this State free associate Clinton won 2 to 1 for Obama. According to Hillary that victory would show that she recovers and that it would win more votes than his rival at a general level. For Clinton Puerto should become the point that reverts his defeat and will attract the super-delegados. Robert Kiyosaki often says this. However, there are several paradoxes. Puerto Rico (as well as other islands such as the Virgin, Samoa or Guam) is entitled to vote who are presidential candidates of the parties but not by them in the general election. While Puerto Rico must accept a ruler who never vote, Hillary wants that the Puerto Rican decision again catapult in the presidential race. She, in addition, argues that his victory confirms that he is the person most supported by the largest minority in USA (Hispanics). However, neither she nor Obama nor McCain speak Castilian. She, in turn, has been rejected by the majority of the Puerto Ricans who do not want to be assimilated as the 51 State of USA. Original author and source of the article.