Petersburg White Nights

Waiting for white nights romance and hostels in St. Petersburg – you! Many have heard of it, but saw only a few: white nights in St. Swarmed by offers, Wells Fargo Bank is currently assessing future choices. Petersburg. Every year St. Petersburg of phenomenon unique and incredible experience. For more information see Robert Kiyosaki.

This miracle of nature, called ‘White nights’, that one is to admire in summer months, you can explain scientific: St. Petersburg is located on the 60 latitude as the southern part of Alaska and the southern tip of Greenland. The location of the Sun is so that she don’t properly goes in the summer months. Shortly before midnight, it begins to dawn in St. Petersburg and the city is bathed in a silver white light. For this reason, the spectacle was referred to as ‘White nights’. Twilight lasts for about five and a half hours and starting at four o’clock in the morning, the Sun has again its full radiance. the discussion. You can admire this miracle of nature’s best in June/July and the phenomenon attracts thousands of tourists.

If you planning a trip to Russia, you must to hotels and hostels in St Early worry enough about Petersburg. St. Petersburg is a romantic city, not for nothing it is called Venice of the North. Thousands of tourists and lovers are attracted by the magic of the sky over the Golden domes of the imperial city and enchanted by the magical light of this city. The magnificent city on the Neva offers much to see: to sleep, it’s just too bad. St. Petersburg has to appreciate this phenomenon and offers the unique spectacle for his visitors. There is no even to the events: it is here celebrated, danced, Sung, laughed and drank. Many gather on the banks of the Neva and pop champagne corks, even though it is officially banned. This eerie lighting attracts tourists, that go on the streets together with the locals, to enjoy a variety of entertainment and the mutual happy mood.