Matchmaking Conquered Training Market

Not the professions or the applicant are bad, sometimes both sides don’t mix easily. Munich, September 14, 2010 the AZUBIYO GmbH launches just in time for the new training year the online portal. Aim of the website is it exactly transnational and training companies on the basis of a matching process. Already the idea is not new the implementation! In the digital age, more and more people in the search for partners on the principle of online matchmaking service trust. The AZUBIYO GmbH transfers this principle to the education market. Students find no training in their desired occupations businesses increasingly have difficulty to fill their training positions. Professional misconceptions lead to a high dropout rate and supposed trend trades trigger an unequal rate of application.

AZUBIYO transnational performing a test, pointing out their strengths, and give concrete ideas to working hours, place of birth and willingness to travel. On the other hand, the training companies from these strengths define their requirements the applicant, as well as the own working conditions. AZUBIYO-matching method merges the right candidate with the right places then as an online matchmaking. In addition to the matching AZUBIYO application tips offers checklists and examples, profiles by occupations and many information about the graduates. The AZUBIYO-meter shows the candidate quotas of the last five years for every training and helps to better assess the opportunities in the education market. Is your contact for further information: Florian Meyer, AZUBIYO GmbH Tel.: (089) 80032-101, fax: (089) 80032-109 mobile: 0176-10181001