LDB Professor

Most interesting it is that to the end of this professional formation we do not have a professional to the height of the current requirements of the work market, what we have is a professor little chemical preparation and that still he seems pupil. The professor that we have today, to see the classroom and the university of the point of view of the pupil, still does not assume a position of a professional educator. These professionals possess theoretical knowledge, but they do not know as uniz it practical it. thus it assumes positions that could be positive or negative, being able to have or not learning. This professor will have to search to each day to discover and to construct its proper identity of university professor, will not have to be based only on the experiences lived nor in the theoretical basement that it possesss, will have to search another formation that transmits it pedagogical agreements, this will be possible through the continuous formation, in this formation will be developed essential abilities for the exercise in university classroom. the university conserves, memorizes, integrates and ritualiza a cultural inheritance to know, ideas and values, that finish for having a regenerative effect, because the university if charges to reexamine it, to bring up to date it and transmitiz it. (MORIN, 2000, pg.9) In this context we see that the professor must be a perpetual apprentice and in such a way to keep a communicative relation with the university how much with the pupils, must be always bringing up to date to know cultural why it is function of the university, and obligation of the professor to bring up to date them and transmitiz them it the pupils. Speaking of university docncia in the vision of the LDB, we will see in its article 52, interpolated propositions II and III, that university is institutions that if characterize for ' ' II one tero of the faculty, at least with mestrado or doutorado academic titulao of; III one tero of the faculty in regimen of integral time; ' ' the legislation grants a stated period of eight years, from its regulation, in which the institutions will be evaluated, running the risk of, not gotten the determined indices, to lose the university heading, with the prerogatives that such organization possesss.