Howard Gruber

It could be said that one of the distinguishing characteristics of humanity is precisely its capacity to develop new things, feature which has caused it to evolve as species and progress as a civilization. In addition, adds that creativity is understood as a process and as a product. This is, as peculiar, internal, subjective way and therefore unnoticed for the Viewer, a person must analyze and elaborate situations and, on the other hand, as a set of objectives and tangible results from the Act of a person considered creative (Marin, 1980;) Novaes, 1973). Being creative means, to recapitulate, see reality differently to others different, peculiar, shape. A creative person is one who can break a situation or problem in a way opposite to most and which, at the same time, this unique analysis product, responses or innovative modifications. Such a solution be deemed really creative if it is useful and productive, if it brings more benefits than previously used procedures.

Also, indicates that in recent years, the neat study of creative subjects has been headed by Howard Gruber, Dean Simonton and Howard Gardner (1993, 2001). This is how it seems to have reached a profile of the creative individual.There are several profiles of the creative person that have been exposed. Gowan, Demos and Torrance (cited by Romero, 1994) presented its own list of traits: curious, inquisitive spirit; originality of thought and action; independence of work and thinking; fertile imagination; nonconformity; uptake of unnoticed relationships to others; fluency words and actions; constancy in their actions and appreciation for complexity. Codina, adds that there is coincidence between specialists consider that creativity is not a natural quality, with which you were born but it can develop. Majaro, another prominent specialist, more focused in creativity in companies says: although I agree that many people are more creative than others, I also believe that many have been trained to respond to external stimuli, as to behave in a creative way.