City Wedding

Travel planning and travel deals in London to the wedding of Prince William of his fiance Kate Middleton the world is relieved: Prince William marries his fiancee Kate Middleton in April. It not always looked as if it would actually come to the wedding, the most famous couple England had its high and low points. But now, nothing in the way is the ceremony: guests should come to the Royal Wedding around 1900 and thousands of tourists have already booked the cheapest hotels and hostels, to experience this event up close! The weddings of the Royal family are spectacular, on any occasion, the guests as the wedding ceremony adorn themselves. On 29 April the King and Queen of Jordan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sultan of Brunei, Emperor of Japan, King of Tonga, King of Bahrain, Spanish Royal family and other “Royal” guests come to London to the Royal Wedding among others. The upcoming wedding of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate will be a national celebration. The locals and guests of the City can look forward mainly on the fact, that the pubs are open until 1:00. Although some criticize the standards of marriage, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “we want the day of national celebration make. Most people certainly enjoy on a holiday!” Prince Charles, the father of Williams, has announced via his Twitter account that held the ceremony in Westminster Abbey. The Cathedral is known and belongs to the history of England, which is the final resting place of many English writers and poets, including Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, and Lord Tennyson. While invited guests from all over the world on the festivities, many tourists planning a trip to London to experience the royale event live. On the day of the wedding, the spectator in the position will be to look on Kate on the way to the altar! The route runs along the Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and Parliament Square. This is the same route, which makes the couple in a horse-drawn carriage after the ceremony. The dress should remain still secret: in the car a special awning is made, so that no one sees her wedding dress until it reaches the Westminster Abbey! All those who are planning a trip to London, find enough seats in the cheap hostels in London around the wedding. At hostel 639 you can already stay from 12 and wait in the front row at the wedding. It is also best in the Royal Bayswater overlooking Hyde Park! Super – service there are already 15 per night! Hyde Park Hostel in London is known for its high price performance ratio, the beds can be booked already 16 per person! Miss not the Royal Wedding and experience a real British celebration! It is worth! Find cheap hostels and youth hostels in London with HostelsClub.