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Tarot Cards

It is this opportunity to deepen about the many symbols that have the High Priest in the tarot cards. It is an authority figure, linking the divine with the mundane, calling on God's protection and guidance of his word. He speaks of meekness, of divine forgiveness, acceptance of the commandments and the Lord's will, and the protection of men. Within the High Priest or Hierophant is one of the more arcane rich symbolism. Card bearing the number five in Roman numerals, shows the high priest, or Pope in the Catholic Church. He is a man, but the link between this world and beyond, bringing people to God.

It is one of tarot cards that shows a figure of authority and spiritual value. He sits on his throne, and on each side surrounding two strong pillars that support and give strength and authority. Within the tarot cards is a mystery that brings us to the moral authority, wisdom, spiritual counselor who knows what is best for us. It is one of tarot cards that are more symbolic. The illustration is the attitude of being taught or preached two other people, who listen attentively, two men. His left hand holds a strange position, with his little and ring fingers folded, and the largest index pointing to the sky, or infinite. In his other hand holds a scepter, irrefutable symbol of power, as the stick used by the shepherd to lead his flock.

Indeed, one of tarot cards with more meaning in regard to its position. In the tarot cards from the aid of the above, God who cares for and guides all his creatures. His triple crown represents his mastery over the human, the body, feelings and soul. The rod or tip is also crossed by three beams, which reinforce this idea. The number five represents humanity. It is the mediator between the divine and human. It is he who interprets and enforces the will of God. Represents indulgence, forgiveness, understanding, generosity. It a tarot card that tells us that the client is well oriented in their decisions, if you hear your own inner voice. This tarot card, the floor is formed by black and white tiles, which are the permanent contrast of opposites that all human beings we submit permanently. With your help, we can distinguish good from evil and to discern what should be done. The High Priest in the tarot cards is the bringer of divine illumination, the light of the word and the interpretation of the message from heaven. At his feet is two crossed keys. These keys open the world of heaven, to put at the service of men who wish to receive it in their hearts. Within the tarot cards usually depict men authority and power, while the female figures, the power comes from the intelligence and will.

Will The Lord Save Humanity

It searched to be rich, TO BE ABLE, STATUS, women spree, drunknesses, never Searched solely the CROSS. If you would like to know more about Melinda Gates, then click here. It travelled some days until JERUSALEM, to be nailed in a CROSS, place of humilhao and defeat, for some. For ignorance of the elites and masters of the LAW of the time that saw in it a revolutionary, competitor and, it was freeing the people, without the weapons, and yes with love. Its error? TO LOVE EXCESSIVELY. It wise person who would go for the cross? YES. Neeva: the source for more info. Because she did not run away? Because he was not false coward and nor, she assumed its MISSION and its intention, TO SAVE the HUMANITY. Exactly with all the suffering and abandonment, she did not run away and nor reacted ahead of as much humilhao, lie and falseness.

THE CROSS? Place of suffering and also cure place redemption release and new life, was through the cross that it RESCUSCITOU. He is ALIVE and he is You. ch. WHERE ALL THE KNEES IF FOLD TO ITS NAME, IN THE SKY AND THE HELLS. Only the heroes, forts support and JESUS supported with dignity for us pecadores to free the humanity of its sins. THIS is our MODEL and our MASTER, who the modern man must copy, to improve our society and to leave this abyss that to each day sinks more in violence. Brother is killing brother and the more individualistic and interesseiras social relations each time. Not to follow the mediocrity of the sofista thought, that generates discord, violence and lovelessness.

Now he fits to each one of us to choose; if we follow the teachings of OUR MASTER JESUS, or the thought of the sofistas human beings. THE CHOICE IS ITS, DECIDES. Perhaps to manage the proper life is the biggest challenge of the people nowadays. IT DECIDES FOR the CROSS, it has suffering, yes, but later it will come the Gloria of the resurrection, that is NEW LIFE.


It does not happen different with the church offers ' ' algo' ' (intangible product) and she needs to elaborate a process and all all a way so that the people feel themselves attracted for it, come its meeting, however is validates to study what these institutions have made to remain themselves in a segment that this each more competitive time and that for many already is characterized as ' ' war santa' ' or ' ' war of religies' '. The religion is something that is present in the society has many years, and for if dealing with something without many scientific explanations it calls attention many, until certain time brings the churches could only be dealt with as white the holy ghost, however, after its division and expansion, this vision was left for, nowadays it is possible to find innumerable denominations, however it exists some that more are known than others, this happens because these denominations if make to be seen in a different way, is this differential that will be presented always looking for to make an interconnection practical-theory. The present work is about a study of case of the strategies of marketing and communication adopted for the religions having as base the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring. This research has as objective to identify what the church snow Ball is making to attract its ' ' fies' ' , beyond identifying which strategies they are used, is intended to show as they are applied. In the development of this research a revision will be found bibliographical that works questions as: Anthropology; that it has for function to define the basic characteristics and main of the human being, since, this is the greater of the churches well. Marketing where it will have an explanation excellent technique of aspects in an exchange relation, religion, what it is and as it structuralized itself in the way that is seen today.


In the same way that the man had necessities to create good myths, but that they punish, also it had the necessity to create beings malignant, capable to fight of all the forms those beings created with the objective to help the proper man. The first writings on the presences of malignant beings, if find between the Persians. The man if conditions some conditions, accurately to search its advances evolutivos, promising itself to it exactly, the improvements in determined aspects, as form to please its deuses. The compensations had always been to please its deuses as: it is giving that it is received. is through the good attitudes that in them we place pertos more of God. Only that the quarrel fits here, of as accurately must operate to be more close to it? With certainty it is not through attitudes or behaviors determined for the societies that are in the power. Society next or more distant of God does not exist, but yes societies next to what they had been idealized by its representatives.

The modalities of the formation are also fortified of the human beings, between them the dependence of the protection related to the father, the expression of one appears fort, but that it restrains. This generates a conflict relation. For Droguett (2000, P. 68), the mechanism of return of the restrained one. This return, however, also is unconscious, since it appears of camouflaged form and as attempt of solution for the conflicting situation; thus this is born the religious phenomenon (…) ' ' father glorificado' ' is become into God God onipotente and Almighty. But author has another source the same: the aggressiveness. How it returns this aggressiveness in the religion? It does not remain to the human being another solution that ' ' desdobrar' ' God: Good god and bad God, in the paganismo; God/demon, in the Christianity.

Emotional Balance

FINDING the EMOTIONAL Balance IN the DIFFICULTIES OF the Unnecessary LIFE to detach the emotional unreliability, afflictions and consumings that have left significant of the humanity it faces in the current days. They are difficulties in the work, the finances, the personal, familiar, professional relationships, at last, a infinity of situations that generate the loss of the mental and emotional balance. The periodicals notify the most errifying notice, resultants of the acts ‘ ‘ tresloucados’ ‘ that we commit daily. Interesting to attempt against According to for this historical ticket of the Evangelho Espiritismo, that in the account the moment where Pilatos asked the Jesus: You are the king of the Jews? Of where Jesus answered it: My kingdom is not of this world. Pilatos said to it then: You are, therefore, king? Jesus answered then: I was not born and I did not come to this world seno to give certification of the truth.

That one that belongs to the truth listening my voice. Reading this ticket of the Evangelho, we understand then that Jesus if relates to the future life, that, in accord with its teachings, object of the biggest concerns of the man in the Land must consist. Without the idea of the future life, significant part of the moral rules left by the Christ would not have no reason. Jesus still discloses the existence of one another world, where the justice of God follows its course. The world is this that it promises to whom they fulfill the orders of God and where the good ones will find its reward.

It is by means of the future life that if becomes patent the true justice of God. It occurs that to the great majority such revelation does not pass of a concept, a belief, that lacks of a bigger degree of certainty. It fit to the Espiritismo to clarify and to bring rational arguments to this concept, being made with that the future life leaves of being a mere hypothesis. The certainty of the future life provides to the man a inabalvel faith in the future, generating enormous consequences on the moralizao process of the race human being. The difficulties and tribulaes of the terrena life pass to be faced as incident that the man supports with patience for understanding that they they are of curtssima duration. Having the certainty of that its sojourn, where if it finds, is temporary, little quick attention to the tribulaes of the life, resulting from there an enormous calm of spirit.