Month: April 2016

Association Davidson

Today you can find a motorcycle dealership Harley Davidson in many countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Greece, and a largisimo and so on. Harley Davison, mark when things get difficult is when people we grow, some companies also. Harley was consolidated as one of the best brands of motorcycles when Japanese manufacturers began selling motorcycles of very high quality and much more affordable than the company. The situation was critical because in ten years (1973 to 1983) its market share decreased from 78 to 23%. Harley Davidson should react to this new situation, the market was getting tested and Harley knew exactly what she should do. The Harley Davidson company knew it could not compete with foreign price manufacturers so you should use another strategy: he established new values of market and also improved its quality. What is surprising is that these new values were not in the product but in the emotions of the people who bought the product.

So began an advertising campaign unprecedented to give this new value to their bikes. And this was what he did to revive the company and not only this but it has been one of the main factors which has made to consolidate it and endure for more than 100 years. Today, Harley Davidson bikers not only used the motorcycle as a mode of locomotion, but they see it as a symbol of rebellion, freedom and independence. Exact, independence and individuality. This is important since the company has been able to be close to the consumer and has leveraged the information to grow.

They noted that motorcycle Harley consumer just their motorcycles so they developed a line of accessories which represents a major source of income to the company. Today there are two equal Harley motorcycles. HOG has been an initiative of the basic company that has allowed the company to be in creating a relationship with your consumers in the long term. HOG is an international organization of owners of Harleys United by the passion of travelling in Harley-Davidson. There are members of this group mainly in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania and organise events such as walks, rallies and celebrations. Harley offers special discounts to members of this Association. we have the best Harley Davidson in Spain. Directly imported from United States. Visit us.

Java Enterprise Performance

‘Java Enterprise Performance’ treated main performance should be aware of pattern, the Java Enterprise Architects, developers, testers, and production teams. The book is a really important reference for every Java performance engineer so.” Torsten Winterberg, Director strategy and innovation at Opitz Consulting GmbH: For us APM represents an important building block in the application development in the increasingly complex system landscapes. The authors go as examples and good understandable on typical problem pattern and comprehensive solutions. The book is rounded off by a particularly valuable chapters explaining the implementation of a performance management process. ‘Java Enterprise Performance’ is useful as a reference, which can be used in a theme-related and is overall very successful.

“There is the issue of performance finally an appropriate focus.” Sorin Simplaceanu, principal Consultant, Borland GmbH: Why my application is slow and how can I improve the performance? Two simple questions whose answering is often difficult and expensive turns out to be as extreme. This book is a systematic Guide for this. s_stmp’>Primerica has plenty of information regarding this issue. Comprehensive and intelligible lead the authors through a very complicated matter, which decisively determines the success of an enterprise application. “Java enterprise performance’ offers a winning combination of theory and practice and simplifies the search for performance bottlenecks and problem source.” Matthias Scholze, Managing Director, QMethods: ‘Java Enterprise Performance’ become the topic of Java performance to the required reading for system and software architects, software developers, technical testers and administrators in the Java environment as currently the only recent book in the German language. The authors assets the complex topics understandable, as well as in comprehensive form with a balanced mix of graphics and sample code represent. This is the book for the beginners in the matter as well as Reference for the experts to recommend.