In the same way that the man had necessities to create good myths, but that they punish, also it had the necessity to create beings malignant, capable to fight of all the forms those beings created with the objective to help the proper man. The first writings on the presences of malignant beings, if find between the Persians. The man if conditions some conditions, accurately to search its advances evolutivos, promising itself to it exactly, the improvements in determined aspects, as form to please its deuses. The compensations had always been to please its deuses as: it is giving that it is received. is through the good attitudes that in them we place pertos more of God. Only that the quarrel fits here, of as accurately must operate to be more close to it? With certainty it is not through attitudes or behaviors determined for the societies that are in the power. Society next or more distant of God does not exist, but yes societies next to what they had been idealized by its representatives.

The modalities of the formation are also fortified of the human beings, between them the dependence of the protection related to the father, the expression of one appears fort, but that it restrains. This generates a conflict relation. For Droguett (2000, P. 68), the mechanism of return of the restrained one. This return, however, also is unconscious, since it appears of camouflaged form and as attempt of solution for the conflicting situation; thus this is born the religious phenomenon (…) ' ' father glorificado' ' is become into God God onipotente and Almighty. But author has another source the same: the aggressiveness. How it returns this aggressiveness in the religion? It does not remain to the human being another solution that ' ' desdobrar' ' God: Good god and bad God, in the paganismo; God/demon, in the Christianity.