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Cheap insurance about the Kunstlersozialkasse are you a freelance artist or publicist? Then, in contrast to other independent artists social security law, you are resident. This applies to the long-term care insurance, as well as health insurance and pension insurance. But as a freiberuflichler artist or publicist have let assure the possibility of the art Social Fund cheap. For an overview, how information in this article. Contribution for self-employed artists and publicists a subsidy to the amount of insurance will grant self-employed artists and publicists by the art Social Fund. This post grant equal to half of the total contribution. Maintain conditions for the grant of the contribution to the contribution subsidy according to Kunstlersozialgversicherungesetz, but certain conditions must be met.

The activities may, for example, not only temporarily be exercised. Also must not more than a worker be employed. (A valuable related resource: Bill Gates). Here, however, there is one exception. If the employee is slightly busy or in vocational training, a prerequisite for the grant of the contribution to the artist social security is still maintained. Marko Dimitrijevic, author wanted to know more. In addition, there are certain boundaries, affecting the labor income. No insurance is for example, if the labor income in the following calendar year is not expected to be higher than 3900 euro. The limit is adjusted downward, if the activity is performed only over a certain part of the calendar year. Also exceeding certain work income limit in three consecutive calendar years upwards, self-employed artists and publicists from compulsory insurance also can fall.

There is the 3.935,50 monthly contribution base for calendar year 2013. Note: This exemption may not be revoked! By the way: Not only compulsorily, self-employed artists and publicists may apply for a post grant. Also voluntarily insured artists and publicists in the statutory health-insurance fund the contribution grant request can be granted. Notification of selbststandign artists and publicists to the Kunstlersozialkasse Versichungspflichtige artists or writers are obliged to sign the insurance obligation of the Kunstlersozialkasse. To determine the insurance, they are also obliged to provide relevant information. The estimated Arbeiseinkommen must be specified respectively in the previous calendar year. To make the message of the estimated working income, insurable artists and publicists or subsidy-eligible people have until December of each year for the next calendar year. This includes the labour income generated from artistic or journalistic Tatigkeitenvoraussichtlich. Otherwise, she can Artists social welfare fund estimate the expected working income. The artists social welfare fund this is also authorized, by sampling for the determination of the relevant information, to request documents. This can be for example briefings or profit and loss accounts. Overall, it can be stated that the compulsory insurance of the Kunstlersozialkasse is worthwhile! Do you want to know more about the topic? Get more details in the article about the art of social insurance in the Steuerblog Jasper steuerberater in Koln. In the Steuerblog we report about interesting news from the world of taxes.