Emotional Balance

FINDING the EMOTIONAL Balance IN the DIFFICULTIES OF the Unnecessary LIFE to detach the emotional unreliability, afflictions and consumings that have left significant of the humanity it faces in the current days. They are difficulties in the work, the finances, the personal, familiar, professional relationships, at last, a infinity of situations that generate the loss of the mental and emotional balance. The periodicals notify the most errifying notice, resultants of the acts ‘ ‘ tresloucados’ ‘ that we commit daily. Interesting to attempt against According to for this historical ticket of the Evangelho Espiritismo, that in the account the moment where Pilatos asked the Jesus: You are the king of the Jews? Of where Jesus answered it: My kingdom is not of this world. Pilatos said to it then: You are, therefore, king? Jesus answered then: I was not born and I did not come to this world seno to give certification of the truth.

That one that belongs to the truth listening my voice. Reading this ticket of the Evangelho, we understand then that Jesus if relates to the future life, that, in accord with its teachings, object of the biggest concerns of the man in the Land must consist. Without the idea of the future life, significant part of the moral rules left by the Christ would not have no reason. Jesus still discloses the existence of one another world, where the justice of God follows its course. The world is this that it promises to whom they fulfill the orders of God and where the good ones will find its reward.

It is by means of the future life that if becomes patent the true justice of God. It occurs that to the great majority such revelation does not pass of a concept, a belief, that lacks of a bigger degree of certainty. It fit to the Espiritismo to clarify and to bring rational arguments to this concept, being made with that the future life leaves of being a mere hypothesis. The certainty of the future life provides to the man a inabalvel faith in the future, generating enormous consequences on the moralizao process of the race human being. The difficulties and tribulaes of the terrena life pass to be faced as incident that the man supports with patience for understanding that they they are of curtssima duration. Having the certainty of that its sojourn, where if it finds, is temporary, little quick attention to the tribulaes of the life, resulting from there an enormous calm of spirit.