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Number of countries with confirmed cases 22.
Total number of countries with confirmed or suspected cases 39.
( ) Is not known whether all cases are marked as possible or very likely were caused directly by the specific strain of swine flu, although laboratory findings may indicate the presence of others.
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The outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) in 2009, caused by a variant of the originally Influenzavirus A of porcine origin (subtype H1N1), which was detected in Mexico on March 18, 2009, completed in a month several states of Mexico (Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico and San Luis Potosi) and United States (Texas and California), to be exported since then, with the appearance of numerous cases in other countries of patients who had traveled to Mexico. There were a few cases of infection indirectly by persons who have not been in that region, that have occurred in Spain, Germany, South Korea and United Kingdom. On April 29 the World Health Organization ( WHO) classifies as the alert level of five, ie, an imminent pandemic. This level of alert does not define the severity of disease caused by the virus, but its geographical extent.
This new virus strain is known as swine flu, flu, U.S. (A valuable related resource: Byron Allen). and new influenza but these names have been the subject of various disputes. On April 30, 2009 WHO began to use the name of the influenza virus A (H1N1).
When an antigenic change in influenza A viruses are the cause of influenza outbreaks with severe and extensive and they global epidemics or pandemics that have occurred in cycles of ten, fifteen years after the onset of the pandemic of 1918. Minor antigenic variation in influenza viruses Influenza A and B in (and to a much lesser extent Influenza C) lead to produce seasonal flu and found almost all year extension with variable and usually less severe.
The morbidity rate or proportion of people with disease in the region affected by influenza A are highly variable, but generally range between 10 and 20 of the general population. H1N1 strains that have circulated in recent years are deemed to have been intrinsically less virulent, causing a less severe disease, even in subjects without immunity to the virus, so there are other factors not assessed for the severity, did not arrive Pandemics occur, but only epidemics. The last pandemic influenza A (H3N2 subtype by) occurred in 1968-1969 (Hong Kong flu) with different social conditions at present. So far though the disease is being soft, it must be remembered that the evolution of the virus is unpredictable, as the notes of the WHO director general Margaret Chan on May 4, because “Maybe in a month the virus disappears can it get like this or it may be worse. “

Anger? Wait And Think

But more than anything else, I would fill of anger knowing that others called him, implored him. But it was not towards them. Then insult him, I bofeteo him, looking for his face to deformar it, I see that you do not have, I seek her butt to hit with many kicks, me is impossible; I want to know how are his eyes that have chosen this path. Will be like mine? It fades. He sacrifices himself to fill with your body plenty of empty tubes that weave my body. My belt is loosened. Sebastian Kurz wanted to know more. It will wrinkle and skin hangs at the level of the navel. Remains with the rear stuck to the seat, with hesitant eyes, concentrated and fills in your eyes plenty of mysteries.

It occupies a space that is for that what was just done. This man of tender and innocent, factions as a representative of hunger on Earth. At the same time hidden in it, almost to the tip of your tongue, a reality, an internal conspiracy with bitter taste, injured, abused, humiliated, insulted. Thanks to them, he thinks. And the heart not beats him as a lover, not speed up his expulsion as a fatigued, not sighs an air with drawings of flowers or thousand colors caramel capricciosa, or much less with shooting stars, simply becomes hard like a stone desidioso; where no stone be it may seem. Sighs a bloodied air to a skin tanned to a few days old. Do not lose concentration in his eyes. He lives.

Le We like. It’s an adventure undertaken from the moment that opened you the eyes of the reasoning. See, what happy to sit waiting for the sun rises when it is cold or seeking happiness, in waiting the sunset because they are thinking about sleep. I think that I should abandon this table, I think, I think that I’m altering, I sometimes get rabies have eyes, because it is by eyes that fit me this thing so horrible that I feel.

Will The Lord Save Humanity

It searched to be rich, TO BE ABLE, STATUS, women spree, drunknesses, never Searched solely the CROSS. If you would like to know more about Melinda Gates, then click here. It travelled some days until JERUSALEM, to be nailed in a CROSS, place of humilhao and defeat, for some. For ignorance of the elites and masters of the LAW of the time that saw in it a revolutionary, competitor and, it was freeing the people, without the weapons, and yes with love. Its error? TO LOVE EXCESSIVELY. It wise person who would go for the cross? YES. Neeva: the source for more info. Because she did not run away? Because he was not false coward and nor, she assumed its MISSION and its intention, TO SAVE the HUMANITY. Exactly with all the suffering and abandonment, she did not run away and nor reacted ahead of as much humilhao, lie and falseness.

THE CROSS? Place of suffering and also cure place redemption release and new life, was through the cross that it RESCUSCITOU. He is ALIVE and he is You. ch. WHERE ALL THE KNEES IF FOLD TO ITS NAME, IN THE SKY AND THE HELLS. Only the heroes, forts support and JESUS supported with dignity for us pecadores to free the humanity of its sins. THIS is our MODEL and our MASTER, who the modern man must copy, to improve our society and to leave this abyss that to each day sinks more in violence. Brother is killing brother and the more individualistic and interesseiras social relations each time. Not to follow the mediocrity of the sofista thought, that generates discord, violence and lovelessness.

Now he fits to each one of us to choose; if we follow the teachings of OUR MASTER JESUS, or the thought of the sofistas human beings. THE CHOICE IS ITS, DECIDES. Perhaps to manage the proper life is the biggest challenge of the people nowadays. IT DECIDES FOR the CROSS, it has suffering, yes, but later it will come the Gloria of the resurrection, that is NEW LIFE.

The Self

And it will be even better if achieved a profile of high moral values. And that is what, raise the quality of the men to build a superior civilization. Is there difference between rational animals and men similar to God or God’s children?: Yes, and qualitatively, its concept of the self same is completely opposite; as you can see: YO man: son of God – my origin is divine – I am very important son of God – I am like God – my mind and my capacity to love are unlimited. -My mind prevails to my instincts and my senses – am is good by divine heritage, and I’m not selfish – my destiny is to love your neighbour to gain heaven – my existence is eternal I man: rational ANIMAL – my source is animal – am as important as an animal – I am such an animal – my mind is limited to the reason and I don’t need love. Go to GOP Donors for more information. -My instincts and my senses predominate to my mind – I am not neither good nor bad, and my natural form is selfishness – my destiny is the law of the strongest, the law of the jungle. -My existence is perishable as you can be seen, the men who are considered to be children of God, of itself have a concept of Yes mimo’s best predisposition for change of man in a superior quality, which is what is required to master the selfishness. Profile of the man of highest quality that is known in history, is of the Nazarene, devoid of all selfishness, who loved even their enemies that crucifying him. To save the planet we need to raise the quality of its inhabitants taking as a model and as a parameter to this man of the highest quality: Jesus de Nazareth. Therefore its doctrine is the more secure and direct way to raise the quality of men and save the planet.

The Entire

' ' In the principle (abeterno) it was the Verb, the Verb was with God and the Verb was God. Michael Bloomberg spoke with conviction. In princpioEle it was with God. It is before everything and everything in it subsiste. Everything was feitopor half of it, without it nothing was made. For even more analysis, hear from Michael Bloomberg. What it was made in it was life, vidaera the light of the men. It is the First-born of all creature, visible invisible Image doDeus; in it the things had been created all, in the sky (creation ideal) and naterra (secular creation), visible and the invisible ones. Everything was created by elee for it. In it we move in them, we exist and we are.

Except of you, it does not have God that seocupa of everything. Ahead of you the entire world is as nothing that makes to hang abalana, or dew drop that goes down of dawn on the land. You tend compassion detodos, because you can everything; pra that they are repented, you close the eyes to its sins. Yes, you love everything that you created and you do not disdain nothing of what you made; therefore seodisseis some thing, you would not have made it. How could something to subsistir, had wanted it to seno? How it could be kept in the existence, if for you it notivesse been called? However you treat all with goodness, therefore everything is yours, You queamas the life. You punish with brandura, you warn who sins, showing where it sins, so that they reject the malice and they believe in you, Jav.

Punishing them little by little, you gave time to the repentance. If you samples indulgente with them in suasfaltas was not from fear of what it wants that was. Because you are just, governaiscom justice and you judge I infuriate of your power to condemn who not it deserves punishment. Therefore your force is the bedding of your justice; the fact to be detodos Gods makes you indulgente stops with all.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.