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Studious of the subject they come affirming that the Brazilian people is recognized in the entire world for its enormous creativity, but although this not yet obtained to decide today until its basic social problems as the illiteracy, for example. However, other less creative peoples are successful financially and these analysts believe that this perhaps is fruit of its innovation. In the organizacional scope the problem occurs in function of the belief of many entrepreneurs of whom ' ' in teams who is gaining not if mexe' '. That is, when its companies are going well they are made comfortable and they do not look for to innovate or to improve. Ahead of this, we will see below the opinions of these analysts: The Creativity and the Innovation of the People Many Brazilians have excellent ideas, of unknown projects that had only been created in its proper mind. They had not implemented its creative ideas and they had not transformed them into innovations. To read more click here: Robert Kiyosaki. Many until believe that its ideas had been ' ' roubadas' ' for other people, forgetting itself that good ideas are not patrimony of nobody? they are patrimony of the humanity. In summary she can yourself be affirmed that Brazilian we have really many original ideas (creativity), however we do not transform them into innovations.

That is, we do not generate value from this creativity. It is not something Marko Dimitrijevic would like to discuss. Creativity does not only decide nothing. To be creative it is enough to have some basic necessity, but to be innovative it is necessary knowledge, enterprising spirit, disciplines and mainly much education. The Knowledge is necessary to transform the good ideas into something tangible, concrete as an archetype or a project. The Enterprising Spirit to believe the ideas, to assume the responsibility on them, motivating the team and knowing ' ' vender' ' the innovation. It disciplines is the essential element so that the people if dedicate to the details and are fast in its decisions, therefore at this accurate moment somebody also can have had the same ideas.


The love the love passes for difficulty as, it envies cimes and distance. The true love surpasses any barrier and surpasses everything with the base of the love, nobody obtains, to separate this love, of two gotten passionate people. To live this intense love we have that to have a capacity of it trusts one the other. The true love is that one has some feelings between two people whom if they love very. The true love is that one if conquest and not if purchase not if vende. The love between two people is that one if I felt that if it delivers that it is arrested to this love. In the love confidence exists, affection affection, allegiance, feeling. Who has a love thus knows to surpass any thing can came barriers fight that nothing this love of nobody separates. In the love who does not exist secret nothing hides the love lives this love knows as conquest any person who makes in them truily happy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mikhael Mirilashvili on most websites. ' ' It loves and it lives this love intensamente' '

COMPANY Shareholders

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF the COMPANY the company Canvas shoes is a multinational very respected, for possessing a great one numbers of shareholders, employees, suppliers and millions of customers who believe its mark, therefore adds an inestimable value in all its products, providing comfort, welfare, pleasure, among others factors that are added to it. It was entered into an alliance Dup, to improve the cost/benefit to its customers, this is one of the factors that become the responsible company socially, another one would be the sponsorship of some important esportivas competitions of the country. Check with Hyundai to learn more. Defining social responsibility better, we use the concept of one of the founders of the Ethos institute, Oded Grajew:

The concept of social responsibility is if extending, passing of the filantropia, that is the relation socially compromissada of the company with the community, to enclose all the relations of the company: with its employees, public and state customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, environment and organizations. (apud. Hyundai brings even more insight to the discussion. MELO GRANDSON and FROES, 2001, P.79) In 2006, was divulged in the site of the group Camargo Corra, ‘ ‘ shareholding greaters of the Alpargatas’ ‘ , one programs adopted for the company, call ‘ ‘ Letter of the Support: The Challenge of Inovao’ ‘ , initiating a mobilization to implant a management model that guarantees the perenidade of its businesses and contributes for a better future. In such a way the company leaves clearly its commitment with society, employees, shareholders, suppliers and all the ones that are involved direct and indirectly the company, incorporating the social responsibility in its day-day, guaranteeing the durability of the businesses, in this in case that, generating value for its shareholders, optimizing the use of its resources, among others factors whom the Canvas shoes become, a responsible company. MARKETING STRATEGY All year, the Hawaiian ones launch a newness, with different models, of different colors, for all the gostos and ages, but what really it calls the attention I publish it in general, they are ‘ ‘ celebridades’ ‘ using the Hawaiian ones, this is the point of the question, therefore the people like and admire actors who always appear in the media, want to use as many clothes and accessories that its dolos use as the Hawaiian sandals.

Training Importation Exportation

Training Importation Exportation Training Importation Exportation is Essential For the Success Thus, If you decided to start its proper business of importation exportation, perhaps she has found a product interesting, or he is tired of the situation of its current work and loves idea travelling for the world to find great products, perhaps you are looking to a business on-line that she can manage inside of the available time that you have in house, whichever its history then already is the first step in this process to get some educational formation of importation and exportation. You would not go to direct an car without passing for the driving school, you you would not go to give the diving with the tubares without some type of training, you she would not go to practise medicine without a deepened study and of formation. Well, starting a business of importation and exportation he is not different. The first thing that you need is one specific formation of exportation and importation. How you must choose the instruction of importation and exportation that better if adapte to its necessities? You can go to a university, school technique, search in the yellow pages, search in the Internet – everything this is great sources of importation courses and exportation, but, this is the greater of all here. It will be that the course to be executed for that it knows what it is speaking, I want to say, somebody that has really executed its proper business of importation exportation, somebody that it knows to choose the products, somebody that know as to make research of products, marketing research, somebody that knows the meandros of the business. Yes, clearly, the professors and tutors are theoretically excellent – he is guaranteed, they had made all the reading and they had been, probably, studying importation and exportation and had gained experience, but they have effectively mattered or exported? Any proper products, already deal with customs brokers some time, are they specialists in marketing? Unhappyly, this is the place where some courses of importation and exportations fail. .

Company Enterprise

We can say that the apex of the satisfaction would be that the successor, beyond great ability, also possessed the maximum identification with the business that will go to manage, however knows that the succession does not function in so harmonic way, and if, so it will be not well lead this process, finda for compromising the survival, the financial solution, and the continuity of the enterprise. without a doubt this is one of the periods of training most difficult of the familiar enterprise. A well made planning of succession must well be mensurado and be analyzed to minimize the impediments, the restrictions and the risks of the business. Also it will have to be exempt of emotions, attempting against for decision, and evaluating if the positions of management and the command of the organization will have to be provided by members of the family or external professionals to the familiar environment, and this decision must be thought considering it viability and the continuity of the enterprise. Of this form, the command and the positions of management of the company not necessarily will be trusted a heir having as bigger criterion the degree of kindred place of the professional ability that, therefore must be the objective of the decision.

Therefore, she seems likeable little the use of the expressions ' ' Familiar&#039 succession; ' , therefore in both the cases are the professional ability that must be the decision object. The succession cannot estimate that the company has that to leave the command of the family. The proper heirs, if conveniently chosen and trained will be able to execute all successfully the necessary transformations, also having its favor the history of the proper enterprise (Coast, 2003, p.5). The financial solution of one company is atrelada directly to the forms as the planning of an organization is thought, mainly in what refers to the familiar companies in a succession process.

Divine Charity Men

Who supports the Human being, in this material plan and in the diverse plans it is the Spirit of Charity, therefore it in Truth is that supports the Peoples in its some material periods of training and spirituals. 1. Sir, you have been our shelter of generation in generation. 2. Before the mounts were born, and if they formed the land and the world, of eternity the eternity, you are God. 3. You reduce the man to the dust and say: You become, children of the men. 4.

Therefore a thousand years, to your eyes, are as the day of yesterday that it was and as the vigil of the night. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 90:1 the 4. BETTER TIMES You doubt the Charity? You find that it nothing decides because a bad egoism you placed in your Spirit, that survives for the Power of the Divine Charity: Why you speak? Why you see? Why you lie down yourself? Why you arise yourself? Why you smile? Why you cry? Because a caridoso potential that you dissimulate not to know puts into motion you, if you would not be equal to a corpse, property which a rock. 27. There of you, scribes and fariseus, hypocritical, because you are similar to the tombs caiados, that, for it are, if they show beauties, but interior are full of bones of died and all the imundcia! 28. Thus also it exterior seem right to the men, but, on the inside, full stays of hypocrisy and iniquity. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus CAP.

23:27 and 28. CONTINUOUS MOTION Why you work? Why you find a service to make? Why you go to the search of one better condition? Because God who is utmost Charity propitiates you the possibilities. The Charity is the Motion Spiritual that makes the Human being to advance. I am the grapevine, you, the branches.