Frankfurt Motor Show

As the most suitable option was considered a small four-door body sedan, 1.5-liter engine and independent front and rear suspension, which at that time was attended by no means all machines. 1962: Dealers receive cars for their salons. Run the car into production by 1961 and at the same time submit it at the Frankfurt Motor Show was virtually impossible: simply not enough time. Pressured sales in a matter of urgency to the exhibition has been produced several prototypes, intended to attract future clients. Rate has been made and largely justified. During the exhibition, and for the next several weeks, was made about 20.000 orders for the BMW-1500 “! Try to imagine situation in which the company was the release in 1962 only 2000 cars! In general, the production of the “1500” for all time of its existence on the line amounted to 23.000 copies. This was the beginning of the climb to the top of the automotive industry.

In the midst of the production model “1500” small engineering firms have begun to refine the car and increase the capacity of the motor, which, naturally, could not possibly appeal to the leadership of bmw. Response was the release of the model 1800 with 1.8-liter engine. Moreover, later a version 1800 ti , corresponded to the car class” Gran Turismo “and accelerate to 186 km / h. Externally, it is not very different from the basic version, but, nevertheless, was a worthy addition to the already family.