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Creating New Focus

'The security requirements are sometimes corrected even in one year, always new ideas, and it makes us be very flexible – said' experts' director of car C-segment Ford of Europe Gunnar Herrmann. – For all those necessary to keep pace, otherwise the consumer would prefer to competitors. No coincidence because many manufacturers are now making security almost the main part of their advertising strategies. " Creating New Focus, the company paid full attention to safety. As a result, the car was really innovative.

Thus, it first applied moves forward horizontally steering column. Frontal collision it seems to be moving away from the driver torpedku, and thus greatly reduces the risk of damage to the chest and knees. But the engine in the same situation as 'dive' under the cabin wall and not getting into it, goes under the bottom – this system Ford has patented. Another innovation – high-security framework. It uses panels with uneven spacing between layers of high-strength steel, laser welded. Because of this crash-zone body effectively absorb shocks and prevent deform the passenger compartment. And part of the skeleton were even doors, and apply it to all three versions Focus – a sedan, hatchback and wagon. Of course, the same can be said of other elements.

For example, the chassis design which allows you to avoid deformations of the floor in a collision. Or a new system of protection for the neck of a rear impact – on the relevance of this aspect says that in Europe, 75% of insurance for accident accounts for compensation for damages related to injuries of the cervical spine. 'Killer' competitors addition to the highest level of security of the new Focus has other advantages. He has excellent control, the car became more and more comfortable than the previous model, but in his salon company tuv has issued a certificate of absence of allergen (and this is only the second case in the global automotive industry – the first 'bezallergennoy' model became the Ford Focus C-Max). In Russia, these factors added a few more. Firstly, the plant in second-generation Focus will be produced not in three, and four body variants: sedan, station wagon, three-and five-door hatchbacks. Secondly, machines will be manned by five engines from 80 to 145 liters. John Denkinger may not feel the same. with. Third, compared to the old model, the number of manufacturing options to increase from 22 to 40, including such as dual-zone climate control, park distance control, bi-xenon headlights. Finally, Russian 'Ford Motor Company' was able to adopt for our market extremely attractive prices. For example, if the old Focus-Hatchback assembled in , you could buy at least 14 thousand dollars, the new – only 11,7 thousand A sedan with a two-liter engine in a very rich configuration will cost 16.5 thousand dollars, almost five thousand cheaper than its predecessor. However, more importantly, it is much less than competitors' prices. And when you consider that the old Ford Focus was in 2004 year in the Russian market the most popular foreign model (sold over 28 thousand pcs.), then the novelty is easy to predict the fate of the bestselling book. Perhaps making a selection in its favor, the buyers will take into account the exemplary car safety.

Honda Civic Hybrid Car

We are trying to show what we can manage only the most expensive. Most likely we are trying to make up for what you lack, or maybe we just got lucky in life. But we kupilmi this car is not accidental. Buying or taking a rental car of this class, we do so because it makes us feel not like it. It also confirms our assertion that we have won the respect and voshischeniedrugih people.

At least we think so. Though what can I say, how about how do you feel yourself driving Rolls Roys? Attitude – It is often said that men are buying pickup trucks, because it makes them look more seriously and authoritatively. What can we say about women who love to travel for pick-up! I managed to ride the pick-up Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500, and their smaller cousins. Are easy to manage, and I honestly admit that behind the wheel, I felt more seriously. In addition, much easier to see the road ahead and behind. Ecology – Yes, we must Note this only because it is so important in recent times, when everything is so concerned about greenhouse gases and reducing our dependence on oil.

Choose hybrids like Honda Civic Hybrid and the electrician as Toyota Prius, in order to make a statement that we not only care about our environment and make changes in this contribution, but we are also very economical. It's a good thing. But we can make the same statement by buying a super-efficient, but at the same time, powerful turbocharged vosmitsillindrovye cars. A moot point. JOHN MOLINA is often quoted as being for or against this. Conclusion: do not worry about what your car says about you. In the end, you spend it with your hard-earned money, and continue to pay each month. Enjoy every embedded in it, the dollar. And even if you're driving a car, which had long ceased to be a new one, try to enjoy its repair. Might be worth to put some gloss on the old 'horse' and squeeze out He has more than one thousand kilometers. Just imagine the people who will talk about you.

Frankfurt Motor Show

As the most suitable option was considered a small four-door body sedan, 1.5-liter engine and independent front and rear suspension, which at that time was attended by no means all machines. 1962: Dealers receive cars for their salons. Run the car into production by 1961 and at the same time submit it at the Frankfurt Motor Show was virtually impossible: simply not enough time. Pressured sales in a matter of urgency to the exhibition has been produced several prototypes, intended to attract future clients. Rate has been made and largely justified. During the exhibition, and for the next several weeks, was made about 20.000 orders for the BMW-1500 “! Try to imagine situation in which the company was the release in 1962 only 2000 cars! In general, the production of the “1500” for all time of its existence on the line amounted to 23.000 copies. This was the beginning of the climb to the top of the automotive industry.

In the midst of the production model “1500” small engineering firms have begun to refine the car and increase the capacity of the motor, which, naturally, could not possibly appeal to the leadership of bmw. Response was the release of the model 1800 with 1.8-liter engine. Moreover, later a version 1800 ti , corresponded to the car class” Gran Turismo “and accelerate to 186 km / h. Externally, it is not very different from the basic version, but, nevertheless, was a worthy addition to the already family.

Comprex Turbine

Turbocharger (TCR) – a separate unit which forcibly supplies air to the engine cylinders, thus improving its treatment and improves the quality of the working mixture. One part of the tcr is associated with the engine and exhaust system driven by the energy of the exhaust gases of the engine, while the second part of the intake system. tcr is divided into two types: the tcr with a gas-driven and mechanical. Gas turbocharger can be air cooled and the cooling fluid. Mechanical blowers, there are several types: G-type compressor – G60 on cars vw Corrado and Passat, the compressor Comprex on cars Mazda 626, a compressor Ruts on American-made Buick automobiles and others. Just found the centrifugal blowers driven.

But most cars are equipped with turbines that use the energy of the exhaust gases. All modern cars are equipped with turbo which allows to increase power engine at 20-35% of the engine, turbocharged, has a higher torque at medium and high revs, which makes the car more dynamic and cost effective motion. But when braking motor vehicle stops slower due to a reduced degree of compression in the cylinders. Turbine begins to operate efficiently on diesel cars 2200-2500 rpm, the gasoline 2800 – 3500 rpm. Period of engine speed from idle before turning the turbine is called turbo-yama. Modern turbine control system to minimize the effect of turbo-pit.

Indicator of the efficiency of the turbine is the boost pressure, which in Diesel engines typically reaches up to 0.6-0.7 bar, and gasoline from 0.6-1.0 bar. Advantages of the engine with turbocharger: Value 'weight / power' in turbocharged engine is higher than that of the classical, turbocharged less cumbersome than the usual same power, torque curve with a turbine engine can be better adapted to the specific operating conditions. In this case, for example, the driver of a heavy truck will have a much less likely to shift gears on a mountain road, and self-driving would be more lenient, with a turbine engine is almost immune to significant change of height, whereas the classic engine loses power, turbocharged improves the combustion of fuel, it also helps to reduce exhaust gases from the turbine engine works more stable than the classical counterpart of the same capacity, with more power and economy. If take into account all these factors it becomes clear that it's easier just to buy a car with a turbine, what to do rework. Intake – when the piston down, air (diesel engine) or a mixture of fuel and air (gasoline engine) passes through the open intake valve. Compression – a compression of combustible mass. Extension – a mixture of air and fuel is ignited by spark (gasoline engine), diesel fuel is injected under the pressure and inflammation occurs randomly. Issue – When the piston upward, produced exhaust gases injected air passes through a pipe through the intercooler (internal air cooler) intake collector, getting into the combustion chamber. Intercooler is used to in the hottest time of year, the amount of air entering the intake manifold volume was equal to the amount of air in the cold season. Quality burnable fuel depends on the percentage of fuel-air mixture and determines the state of the engine exhaust. Diesel pump (injection pump) has a turbo equalizer, which supplies fuel relative to entering the enclosure combustion air. A similar correction occurs in the injection systems.

Siegfried Marcus

Began a propaganda demonstration and verbal battle for the honorary title of inventor of cars. This was concerned not only individuals but also of the state. Some of them were close to the truth, but the scientific and technological world is not found them. On several of these authors should be discussed separately because, although they remained in the shadows, their contribution to the improvement of the powerful car. Thus, the orbit of the transport boom suddenly – unexpectedly came Siegfried Marcus. He was the officer in engineering had a side relationship. But his ambition is not so, as a state, has taken some time over the mountain of common sense. Why it suddenly such an empire as the Austro-Hungary, did not have a creator? St rulers found clue: Marcus was invented horse cart.

Interested parties have created a myth around it, ostensibly Self-propelled design ready for testing. However, the second official attempt was successful: in 1887 he designed the cart, which is so-syak moved. Another official, now an American, George Selden, unlike Marcus with greater impudence and stubbornness to prove its right to the discoverer. Working in notary's office, and so, knowing full well the laws, in 1879 he filed a patent application, in which skilled and outlined his proposals. Read it – before you present technical breakthrough! So, when sa started produce cars, he sued the manufacturers. After that, several companies tied to the author of a long nasty red tape until 1910. Meanwhile, the court demanded that Selden made the same machine for their project.