World War Industrial

And in this case for the production of silicon is used mainly charcoal. The important role played by the production of activated carbons. Activated coal – a product with well-developed inner surface. As an adsorbent charcoal used in the food industry to clean vodka, sugar and some other products. Activated carbons are used for vapor recovery of many solvents from the air ventilation systems and industrial premises for the detention of airborne hazardous and toxic contaminants (industrial and military gas masks).

On ships Activated carbon filters are filled with cleaning wastewater. It is used to separate salts of metals, including precious, from solutions of low concentrations, for cleaning industrial waste and gas emissions, for regeneration of water and air in a closed cycle, such as in space and in submarines, for desalination and other purposes. Production carburizing has played an important defense role during World War ii. Then interest in this area of coal utilization weakened and revived only in the second half of the twentieth century. Charcoal is also used in medicine and agriculture. Sorbitsionnye properties of coal used in the treatment of Some of poisoning and gastro-intestinal diseases. In medical applications of it are made pills or powders for oral administration.

In agriculture, crushed charcoal is introduced into the diet of birds, pigs, calves cattle. Coal dust injected into the soil at planting roots and bulbs. This is a cheap and highly effective way to fight plant diseases. Coal production for domestic purposes in recent years has greatly increased and tends to further growth.