Well Yes

Girls only managed to run out of the place without looking. It was in that one of the girls named Francisca, said the other name Andrea:-we do not have to escape, things should be more egalitarian for everyone in the place, or not what you think Andrea? Latent fear. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this. -Well Yes, everyone should have the same privileges, not just men since we could also work, not in the same jobs than they but could make it replied Andrea. The girls agreed to join against fire at about 15: 30 hrs., and thus to plan something so that injustice ended. First came Francisca, who very quietly observed first if there was some man to her around to that were not discovered, but none to be seen. Soon after the hour, Andrea arrives and together with her friend began to plan what were going to do. -The first thing that we should do is to put together more women who help us in our plan, whether older or the same age as us, said Francisca. -Yes, but will they be willing to what we are going to do?, asked Andrea.

-Is why we gather many more women, so that we can present our ideas and know what is the first thing we must do, said Francisca. -I don’t know any woman who could help us, since fear their husbands, but I know that our other friends have the courage as to help us, Andrea spoke out. -Well, that we were then, we will seek more women who support us, but very secretly and so be able to meet in a House to plan something, in that we meet?, asked Francisca. -Okay, said Andrea. Girls spent daily by las casas (only in the morning and something of the half day), giving its opinion that women should be less discriminated that the men, etc.