Vodafone Application Award

The new ENAiKOON locate – 60 for the location, operating hours investigation and supervision each year are from Vodafone actors on the market excellent, presenting their innovative developments in different subject areas. Shortly after the publication of the telematics solution ENAiKOON locate-60 was by a jury of experts as a top rated the and is now among the last three finalists in the category of “Best M2M solution”. A public vote in the journal connect”decides the winner. The ENAiKOON GmbH enriched just their telematics product range to the newly developed positioning module ENAiKOON locate-60. It serves both theft surveillance, and the hour discovery and monitoring functions. Prefabricated and minimal in its dimensions it is precisely and hidden in the CEE inlet with flange on all electrically-operated devices such as E.g. construction and cleaning machines, generators, compressors, power plants of construction of, selling cars, mount freezers, etc.

This is done with a few simple steps and in a few Minutes. The installation of conventional Telematikeinheiten in such machines proved so far often expensive and difficult, because today’s optimized devices offer little space for additional equipment. The positioning module ENAiKOON locate-60 allows an exact query of the GPS-position of the machine over almost any Internet-enabled device. Hours of operation can be precisely capture and evaluate. Also the function ability of the device to be monitored can be seamlessly and almost determined in real-time and presented. The live screen of the machine position on a map and the evaluation of the reprocessed data ENAiKOON fleet-control-web via the Web portal. ENAiKOON locate-60 is about rechargeable batteries or via a cable that is connected to the machine, powered and is available at any time. ENAiKOON locate-60/61 is patent pending. The Basic module ENAiKOON locate-60 is already for 169 euro to acquire. About our product page, you can learn more, purchase the product and ENAiKOON with your voice support.