Vincenzo Gonzaga

Ambitious son, cheating husband, spendthrift and great patron: this is the portrait of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga, which made the city of Mantua during the Renaissance. The exhibition Vincenzo Gonzaga, the splendour of the power is exhibited in the Museum Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua and contains also a branch office in the Palazzo Ducale, which has opened on the occasion the rooms which were inhabited from 1587 to 1612 of the Duke; the exhibition features about 80 works: portraits of the Duke and other members of the family, gold masterpieces which have been ordered by Vincenzo Gonzaga, or the armor of the time belonged to him, engravings, books, letters, and other documents. The figure of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga Mantua to celebrate that rich had a character of contradictions and excesses, and because of his unbridled passion for luxury and an exhibition from February 18 until June 10 in Mantua held excesses in his personal life and in the line of his Duchy in the story went,. This event was organized for it, to the people of Mantua, a figure closer deep subscribed the town’s history over 400 years ago, by she established relations, deeds performed and created works that influenced the future of the city. The Duchy of Vincenzo entered into because of its great works and events in the story, which version he collaborated during the 25 years of his empire; “because he was a lover of art and the beautiful things, Vincenzo was one of the most important patrons of Mantua: during his empire he worked it to build the history of melodrama in Mantua, he had the artist Claudio Monteverdi to guest in his yard in his Court of L’Orfeo” wrote. He played a key role in the liberation of Torquato Tasso, and during his journey in the Flanders, he discovered the talent of the young Peter Paul Rubens and brought him to Mantua, where he got portrait painter of the Court together with the Flemish painter of Frans Pourbus the younger.