The Crisis

The Attitude against the Crisis A word of adults They have spent decades from that one moment at which my father made the decision to send to me along with older sister of return to the interior to finish the second degree of primary school. Due to the occupation of my father, who was naval official by near thirty years, we lived temporarily in a small city in the border with Brazil in the Colombian Amazon, a city where the education did not have the quality that my sister and I required. Thus, in 1982 they sent to me to study to the native city of my father. Before arriving final destiny I visited some days maternal grandmother, a woman of humble origin that lived in a modest house to the south of Bogota and that dealt to me with a dulzura which still today I long for. The previous weeks at the beginning of classes were unforgettable for me. Still memory the aroma of the hot chocolate with cinnamon, grandmother listening with patience the words of a boy, the harmony that its company brought life in a while of change that meant to move away of my parents and my smaller brother to me, to those who it was strange of excessively. It was in that trip and context when I listened to the word for the first time crisis.

It had seven years of age. Memory still to be seeing the reporter of the seven when I listened to a news article that spoke on the crisis in which the country was. The national economy was in a while critical, the conflict armed in my country of raising broke out again and I would begin to find out that and other so many coming crises in the consequent years through mass media.