Thailand One

The UN has not been able to reduce nor to a handspan the narcotic culture. Afghanistan provides 90% with the world-wide opium with which heroin is elaborated. The executive director of UNODOC, Antonio Maria Coast, is underlining that to eliminate the opium in Afghanistan depends on the attitude of the governors. Perhaps it is not allied country of the USA and NATO? Is not then those governors by the work to eliminate the culture of narcotics of which the opium is obtained? Five divisions of NATO cannot end the culture of the opium or reduce it? A culture that reaches the highest levels of history, according to the own UN. If a country occupied by fifty thousand soldiers strongly armed, if in allied republic of the USA and the EU the narcotic culture cannot not even be reduced, first stage of elaboration of heroin, has not arrived the moment for reframing the universal crossed one against drugs? In 1920, in the USA one declared illegal the manufacture, elaboration, transport, import, export and sale of spirits. Thirteen years later, the Congress of the USA countermanded the Dry Law. The unquestionable result of the same had not been to suppress to the habit or vice to drink alcohol, pretension of its promoters, but 30,000 died to ingest methylic alcohol, because clandestine liquor did not have sanitary control; more than 100,000 people with permanent paralyses or blindness for the same reason; but, mainly, a powerful empire of the crime, possible because the delinquents accumulated an immense capital transgressing the Dry Law.

That obtained the alcohol prohibition. And something similar obtains the crossed one against drugs. Nothing, except for pain, corruption, crime and death. In our days, fools to learn of the past, the serious consequences of the prohibition of sedative or stimulating substances – crime organized grafted in the world-wide economy, incalculable corruption, increase of new crimes organized thanks to the benefits of drugs add the serious violations of human rights on the part of the cruzados against the drug, like in Thailand. Reviewing documents and the news on drugs and the crossed one against for twenty years, arrives the conclusion that the cupolas of the world (governments, the UN ) do not set out to finalize prohibition of drugs, because the bargain of the Crossed one would finish to them.