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Aromatherapy Scents

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Scents bring inspiration, health and inner harmony. With the smell you get rid of anger, distracted from worries, free from fear and pain. Gizella Puma Aromatherapy – is the oldest method of prevention and treatment, based on the use of essential oils that are affecting the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person to have a harmonizing effect on the entire body. More than 6000 years is familiar humanity with delightful effect of natural essential oils with their healing and cleansing properties and unique aroma. Nowadays, the art of aromatherapy spread throughout the world.

We strive to find lost in modern life balance, referring to the ancient wisdom and discovering new beneficial effects of aromatic oils. Ancient Egypt was a truly great civilization in the use and development aromatherapy. Essential oils are widely used in the everyday life of ancient Egyptians. Marko Dimitrijevic, author understood the implications. They were used for the disinfection of air in the home, body skin care, preparation of aromatic baths, flavoring, linen and added to the food and wine. Hippocrates recommended to their patients in the treatment of many diseases take daily aromatic bath and massage with these oils. Stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy meals, the restless, but at the same time, a sedentary lifestyle is harmful affect on the body and soul. The art of aromatherapy uses the power of pure essential oils, working on sense of smell and touch, and restoring harmony of body and soul. In antiquity goes history of using essential oils in countries such as China, India, Persia, Egypt.