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Funding Opportunities

Alexander Neuber informed consultancy of the EPOCS consultancy about funding opportunities, the owner and Managing Director of the EPOCS, Mr Alexander Neuber informed about funding opportunities and funding programs for companies, entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses. Companies need capital to operate successfully on the market. Unfortunately, raising capital is becoming more and more difficult. The credit policy, Basel II and final end the banking crisis is to get it for existing companies and start-up companies a very difficult road to a credit or a loan at the Bank. Even if this works, there are usually very high interest charges, which lead to further restrictions when the entrepreneurial capacity.

In such cases, there is a variety of funding programs by the Federal Government, the Federal States and the European Union. What, how, where and when it comes to this funding approach is many entrepreneurs and self-employed unaware. Just by the number of Funding these programs often resemble a clinging jungle of paragraphs and legal texts. Often, these programs will not claim be taken then, lack the expertise, how to get benefit from this funding. Alexander Neuber of the EPOCS Consulting provides the necessary assistance among its customers and clients so that they can also benefit from the programmes. The self-employed and entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy and create jobs. However companies into insolvency are forced in these difficult economic times often here lacks the necessary capital. This doesn’t have to be but if you was informed about the opportunities and possibilities of funding programmes.

Guarantees, loans and advances which are equipped with low-interest or interest-free up to the donated money from the State or the EU. Companies and entrepreneurs have here potentially a tremendous to be promoted. The EPOCS would like to provide here consulting help and advice, to make your company successful in the market or “big” to establish. EPOCS consultancy / Alexander Neuber