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Real Estate Market Bavaria

In recent acquisition of overseas real estate by Russian citizens has become commonplace. Many people purchase real estate as an investment, others as an opportunity for your personal use. Have a "cottage" in Bulgaria and Spain have a usual thing. Increasingly popular among our compatriots enjoy property of the old Europe. Stability and guarantees the investment for some cost in the first place.

One of the these countries is Germany, whose economy is more resilient to the woes of the financial crisis. By the same author: Linkedin. Choosing predstavllennoy estate multi-faceted, from real estate eastern Germany to the most expensive sector – real estate in Bavaria. Bavarian property is considered to be not only very expensive, but most liquid in Germany. The capital of Bavaria – Munich is the focus of investment interests of foreign investors. Hear other arguments on the topic with Linkedin. Dynamic development of this region of Germany, where the focus all technology companies, attract investment flows not only in Munich but also in the , which is especially popular commercial Property in resort areas such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden. Hotels, restaurants and recreation centers are in the lists of investment interests of investors.

Voshitetelny landscapes, amazing nature, which can be admire all year round, attracts tourists from all over the world and guarantee a return on investment. German law does not predustmatrivaet differences in the acquisition of property by foreign citizens and looks at the process of liberal. Acquisition of real estate in Germany does not give the right to receive a residence permit, but serves as a strong tramlinom for the establishment and development in this direction. Get all the facts and insights with Harold Ford Jr, another great source of information. Own property, to sufficient space for living, a stable income and a small profitable business in Germany give every reason for a temporary residence permit. The procedure for renewal of real estate in Germany simple and reliable. Step by step is a gradual, measured re-registration of real estate that ensures the participants of the transaction pursuant to a mutual obligations. Responsibility for the proper execution lies on an independent notary. Additional costs estate is about 8,5% of the total value of purchase and include the 3.5% – a tax on the purchase of 1,5% – notary services and fees for renewal, 3,57% – fee broker. When buying new construction, as a rule, brokerage Provision is missing, thus the additional costs are placed in 5% of property value. With the onset of the crisis, interest in buying Property in Germany with Russian citizens has increased significantly. Stability and investment security are already at the forefront of many investors. Some also are discovering Germany. Wonderful climate, incredible opportunities for recreation and shopping, order and functionality of everything and everywhere only the few factors positively influencing the decision to buy real estate. If you compare the prices and quality of the Moscow and the German real estate, we can conclude that today the most auspicious time to invest in German real estate. Trend of interest and growth in property prices in Germany is gaining momentum. Do not miss your chance for a reliable and sustainable investments.

Dealing With Relocation

People say that the two move can be equated to a single fire. Things get lost, spoiled, dishes beats, broken furniture, and to top it all a mess, where nothing is impossible to find. Is it really is, and whether move while maintaining the strength and nerves intact? First, let's define what and where shipped. Necessary to determine the volume of traffic in order to optimally choose the transport. At JPMorgan Chase you will find additional information. If the machine is smaller than is necessary, we will have to make two flights, which will lead to higher prices for relocation and loss of time. If the car will be much larger than necessary, it also has a negative impact on your wallet. Then it makes sense explore and fathom elevators, stairs, doorways there, where you are traveling there, to carry things. This is necessary in order to understand what difficulties may arise when moving bulky cargo. -standing procedures to achieve this success.

Agree, nice enough, if you're stuck with her beloved piano, between the staircases, or when all your desire fridge will not fit in the elevator or go through the stairs. As containers for packing things in my opinion, best suited cartons. And pick them up better than the average size (about as out of bananas), because if you score a box of things from the big tv, it will be very heavy and not transportable. Boxes can be bought from vendors in tents on the market or in a store. Before packaging, sort the items. On boxes with fragile, breakable things affix labels with the inscription "Caution Glass" and "Do not give up." Very easy search for a list of things packed into a box. Therefore, spend a little time to draw up such a list in the future, you will win much more.

Dishes preferably wrapped in cloth, paper or polystyrene fill balls. Free space as is required, such as crumpled newspapers. This saves the dishes from the jolts and bumps during transport. Mirrors, glass shelves and doors are preferably wrapped in a bubble film. Ideally, such items must be transported in wooden containers. Lung you move.