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The New Dan Brown:

Worldview offers the first three chapters of “The lost symbol” as a sample on the Austrian media merchants from Salzburg shortened the waiting time for the new thriller by bestselling author Dan Brown. Starting today, four weeks before the release date on October 14, weltbild.at fans can find the first chapter of “The lost symbol” and read the thriller. The Austrian booksellers offers free first glimpse of the eagerly sought after reading codes, conspiracies and intrigues in the Internet, which mid-October on the market comes as a book. Hardly the translator of the German Publishing House have continues over the American original text, which only came out a few days ago, the next two chapters of the thriller will be read successively on dan brown. Before publication of the English Edition “the lost symbol” of the contents of the book remained secret; only so much has transpired, that the novel should play within a period of 12 hours. In the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom “the lost symbol” with a record-breaking first edition of 6.5 million on September 15th at the start. At the same time came the novel as an E-book on the market. In Austria, “The lost symbol” in the Verlagsgruppe Lubbe to 26.80 euros will appear.

The contents of Dan Brown’s novel “The lost symbol” plays in a Masonic lodge in the vicinity of the White House in the United States and covers a period of only 12 hours. A new Member should be included in the exalted ranks of the secret society. And Brown’s protagonist Robert Langdon is on the way to his longtime mentor, Peter Solomon to Washington. Author Dan Brown, son of a Professor of mathematics and a musician, worked as an English teacher, before he had his international breakthrough as an author. Most recently, he provided titled “Illuminati” sensation, the Hollywood film with Tom Hanks in the title role. Worldview: Austria’s no. 1 for books, music, DVDs and trends under the name A & M book and media specialist in all Austria was known. Particular strengths of worldview are cheap Productions, primary, and special editions, many of them specially for Austria.

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