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Alzheimer Information

The memory of short term allows in them to make head accounts, to remember numbers of telephone for some time or to know the name of that we know for some time, proportionally on the importance of this. The memory of long stated period physically registers the experiences passed in the cerebral cortex, that will more or less count ten million nervous cells, that if communicate changing electric and chemical impulses. When one I stimulate arrives our conscience, an image, sound, idea, sensation, etc., a set of neurons is activated, this if neuronal assembly calls hipocampo, that it is a located bipolar structure in the center of the brain. Hipocampo is a species of command rank. When the neurons receive information sensorial, transmit them it hipocampo, that it allows the neurons to form the assembly. assent of hipocampo defends two questions: If information has meant emotional, related to the emotivo interest.

It evaluates if the information has some relation with that already we know. If this new information will have meant emotional, or> already we know, will have more easiness of being stored. Hipocampo also selects what it is in the immediate memory or it goes pra memory of long stated period. The conditions that can disturb hipocampo, harm the memory and the integration of the conscience. The illness of Alzheimer, for example, consequently finishes with this agency and the memory. (A valuable related resource: Impact Public Schools).

The natural ageing, also cause damages, to put subtle. Studies suggest that the enceflica mass diminishes, changeably, of five the ten percent to each ten years. The alcohol excess or bad functioning of the gland tiride, the depression, the anxiety or until the lack of I stimulate, harm the memory. The ESTRESSE AND the MEMORY Currently a problem that is associated with the consuming of the setting capacity, the excess of information, that they arrive until us for some ways, periodical, magazine, radio, television, cinema.

The Increase

A woman from the skin crawl to be on a par with men. The woman, a real woman, must become more feminine, to be highly softer and more accommodating. A man, if he wants to be a real man should be as courageous. When this man comes in contact with this woman, they represent polar opposites, extremes. But extremes can love each other, and only extremes can enjoy the intimacy. Today we have witnessed this phenomenon: women have become masculine – they do men's sports have become very hard, rough, do not want to do household chores, etc.

In general, began to copy in all men. And what about men? And they in turn become effeminate beings. As in nature everything must be in equilibrium, if at some point, we see a lack of something else it will be a surplus. Harmony exists when contrasting forces are compensated. And if one force begins to dominate, the other decreases. And we see that in some families, the money earns a woman and man are increasingly engaged in housekeeping and child rearing. For the same reason occurs and homosexuality.

The man, in consequence of the fact that the woman is stronger, it became more soft and weak-willed. The fact that women in the higher plane affects men by 60-70%. If the physical plane will be equal, then respectively, on thin will be an imbalance on the side of a woman. We see that in Europe the equalization of women and men, and the result was the increase in homosexuality.