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The Tradingclub

Here the Tradingclub of 24 starts and gives the Member first of all the technical terms and the handling of a trading platform. Just 40-page Club guide reached that members only about 45 minutes are tradable and can place first test order with the broker. This surprising sure any layman. In the next steps, the Club members receive extensive training in the areas of chart technical analysis technique Tradingtechniken, and money management, and much more. These are numerous books in the extensive closed members area available. Our members to learn how they want it. There is no learning pressure, for example, seminars to bring.

Everyone determines his learning pace. A seminar is not only very expensive with 500-1500, but requires high attention on the seminar day. The participant is not top fit and receptive, on this day the high fee is potentially giving away!, so the founders. In addition, it would be by far not done with a seminar I learn. This is normally Training for beginners already so prohibitive that a normal paycheck never can afford it and want. The Tradingclub 24 offers this comprehensive training for almost incredible 39 annual fee, offers seminars, books and much more but equal to the equivalent number. It is however important that our members may always have contact and holes us with questions like. We could win even professional traders for the Tradingclub of 24 volunteers.

Recently, one of these professionals developed a new trading strategy, which brought very high daily gains in tests. This strategy is our members may soon have exclusively available, unless she also brilliantly masters the live tests. However, because these live tests run at the time, this should be not the motivation of an application! Since no assets but needed to trade successfully in the stock market, but this is successfully done already from 100-200, an entire industry actually works against itself.