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Modern Polymeric Materials For Emergency Surgery

VA Zhukovsky, LLC "Linteks", St. Petersburg, development and implementation of new polymeric materials and medical products largely determine the progress of modern surgery. In this regard, important creation of polymer implants, in particular, suture materials for use in the most rational in any surgical situation. We have developed a nonabsorbable monofilament surgical body conditioned Room for USP 5 / 0 to 1 (metric size of EP from 1 to 4) based on polypropylene (PP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and polycaproamide (PKA). Suture materials in the form of filaments, owing to a monolithic rule and smoothness of the surface penetration into the infection thread, allow them to little effort and minimal damage to even the most delicate fabrics, as well as provide a good cosmetic effect and reduce the discomfort when removing sutures. Robert Kiyosaki often says this.

Greatest biological inertness of them have PVDF monofilament. However, in order to improve the hemocompatibility and tromborezistentnosti suture material used, such as cardiovascular surgery, we developed a method of forming on the surface of nanocoatings linear-chain carbon-carbyne (RF Patent 2287623). Since the braided or twisted sutures, along with good manipulation properties characterized by high matchlock, which creates the danger of postoperative infection joints, and also "sawing" effect during a tissue, we developed a technology of polyester and nylon for hydrophobic fluoropolymer coating the threads. The resulting "psevdomononiti" have zero matchlock, reliability, flexibility and a good host. Clinical trials have shown that such filaments are easy to manipulate, reliable knitted surgical units, noninvasive, does not absorb wound fluids and do not become infected. For the prevention or treatment of surgical sepsis can benefit a significant antimicrobial sutures. Us nylon filaments are obtained, containing immobilized ionic chemical bond gentamicin (Russian patents 1,241,553 and 1,241,554). The results of microbiological and preclinical studies received sutures showed that for effective and prolonged antimicrobial action is necessary to introduce a string of at least (5-7)% antibiotic.

Clinical trials of antimicrobial suture materials have shown high efficacy in the prevention of purulent complications after surgery in this complex patient population, as patients with cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. For the first time in Russia we have developed and put into mass production net implants for plastic hernias and other defects in the supporting tissue of PVDF and PP monofilament, filament yarn lavsan with fluoropolymer coating. Click Marko Dimitrijevic for additional related pages. To improve the biocompatibility of PVDF-on grids formed carbyne cover (RF Patent 2288304). Properties of yarns and knitted weave features ensure high biocompatibility endoprostheses, mechanical strength, dimensional stability in all directions, resistance to blooming and shattering the edges, resistance to infection, resistance to biodegradation, softness and minimal consumption of materials. Based on the same mesh fabric designed mesh tape (slings) for use as lonno-urethral loop in the surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence treatment (RF Patent 2297808), and implants for reconstructive surgery of the pelvic floor. To prevent spaykoobrazovaniya after operations on organs and tissues, which have serous coat (abdominal cavity, tendon sheath and joints, pleural cavity, pericardial, spinal cord membranes, middle ear cavity), designed and manufactured protivospaechny gel. Gel acts as a temporary artificial "barrier" between the damaged surfaces of serous, ensuring their effective separation in time of healing, and then dissipates. Reduced adhesion of surfaces and bodies tissue contributes to maintaining their mobility and prevents the formation of adhesions. Material Site

Business Opprtunities

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