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Apple Company

The last attack to a great company has taken place, Apple. Antisec (anti-security abbreviation) is the organization who has hung the document where they appear the data and passwords of users of one of the servants of Apple. This group of ciberdelincuentes is made up of hackers pertaining to two organizations: Anonymous and Lulz Securiry (at present dissolved) Hackers has declared in Twitter, that has been a failure in the security system of the company which has allowed them to rob those personal data. At the moment this attack is the last one that undergoes a company of such spread, after received the Governments of the USA. Apple not yet has been pronounced. We could say that these data comprise of the campaign of ciberdelitos that has been more than two months attacking great companies and that let glimpse that still many lagoons in the field of the security of the information exist. Possibility exists of untying a social alarm, since not yet it knows in that hands will fall our personal character data when us we make users d and whereupon aim will be used. udea Security of the Information Department of Marketing and Communication Source: