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Botanical Garden

The first big break in the Brazilian education history was complicated by the arrival of the Portuguese territory in the New World, bringing a standard of education in Europe, it does not mean that the populations living around here, no longer do poseiana characteristics of education. The coming of the royal family led to a new break with the previous situation. To prepare ground for their stay in Brazil, D. a Joao VI opened military academies, law schools and Medicine, the Royal Library, the Botanical Garden and the Royal Press. Education, therefore, remained high. With the proclamation of the Republic, we attempted several reforms that could give a new departure, but no Brazilian education has undergone a development that could be considered outstanding or significant in terms of model. From the standpoint of cultural and educational, the republic was a revolution that abortoa and contented with the change of regime, not had the thought or the decision to perform a radical transformation in the educational system, to cause a cultural renewal of cultural and political elites, required for the new democratic institutions.

At this time, in a narrative of the National League of San Paulo said that the primary cause of all our problems is illiteracy, which inevitably results in the absence of civic and political culture, ignorance of the precepts of hygiene, the inability to large number of professions, delay in the agricultural and industrial processes that are attached. A series of reformasa were coming. Whenever Dina Powell listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Several factors contributed to the reforms, the educational climate of euphoria that took account of Brazilian society.