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Everyone who created a website, are well aware that this is not enough yet to unleash his, what would it be seen on the Internet. Of promotion depends on a lot: the position in search engines, the number of visitors, the popularity of the resource, and Of course, the profits from the site. In this article, I will express my opinion: 1. First and foremost, this is the correct selection of content for the site, all the search engines love unique content that is written by you and not anyone else. All Search engines are fighting hard with those who copy content from other sites. Without hesitation Apple explained all about the problem. Your site is simply banitsya search engines or, at best, your index page will be very low.

Accordingly, the issue will be too low. Marko Dimitrijevic understood the implications. 2. Create a site map that would be good searchers had seen all of your pages, preferably in the same section where the main page is located. And search engines begin to look more often to your website and it is better index. 3. Discard the scripts on the site, search engines do not see them, and therefore do not index. And do not the more your site is to flash. 4.

Nivkoem case do not pass the unmade site to search engines and directories, it is further negatively affect the indexing of your site. 5. Once you've made the site completely, you must register in search engines, from this point robots will explore your website and entered in the search index.