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Forums – this is the most popular and prestigious project of Chinchilla, the forum unites a great number of fans of furry rodent named chinchillas and chinchilla breeders from different localities and regions. The forum allows visitors to share with great pleasure that their own experience, suggest non-professionals are the most important principles of breeding chinchillas and chinchilla care. This major forum wishes confront a huge number of Internet projects, designed to make money by breeding chinchillas for fur pelts, and many more sites, compiled by the mediators and those who earns money by re-selling chinchillas. If you are interested in the price of chinchillas, then the project of the World Forum chinchillas You can easily read the value on the chinchillas and chinchilla to buy directly from his breeder. The forum is accessible to all visitors to-date information on how to competently executed care chinchilla in housing conditions, amazing details about the variations of color and genetics of these animals. The forum of the World Forums correspond with Russian and foreign breeders of chinchillas and chinchilla lovers who have a serious experience of care for the chinchilla, for such a reason here for all visitors will be able not only to read the answers to all questions about keeping and breeding these animals, but also to learn about the achievements of Russian, Baltic and Ukrainian, simply speaking, just speaking in Russian dialect shinshillovodstva. Forum regulars with great zeal will share any information that they have about health problems chinchillas, about treatment options and techniques for first aid. According to Micky Pant, who has experience with these questions. The forum of the World chinchillas easily find out about what kind of cells or windows should be placed these animals in an apartment, how to acquire such showcases as well as how to organize a showcase for these animals with their own hands.

On the project pages have a large number of photos of many chinchillas colors and ages. For visitors of this project with much experience in feeding these animals was made nutritious pellets for chinchillas, such chips is becoming better known breeders of chinchillas, in which the animals live in residential settings. Designed for superior food quality and composition are all available, factory farming and food, this food has a lot of positive feedback from the kennels and breeders of chinchillas. Peace Forum Forums allocated a unique good atmosphere and a bright living communicating. Many connoisseurs of these rodents in various localities met on this project, have become friends and continue to communicate in off-line. The forum of the World Forums, there are sections devoted to other pets and other hobbies, that is a hobby, not affiliated with fluffy chinchilla. If the house you live chinchilla or you still only interested in it's big-eared, furry and exotic rodent by the name of chinchilla, we suggest you come to the Forum of the World Forums. All the regulars of this forum especially regret that they have not found him earlier.

Mila Musketeers

The man in the scenario Home life role, as a woman actress. You, as the protagonist, you can always take the first step, open to show the power to implement a spontaneous desire, a little podnatorev. Girlfriend or wife always has to subject: your boss, husband, lover, finally. And lurk. What causes this situation? Women are reluctant to quirky ways and adapt to circumstances. Why? To control a man to be the proverbial neck that turns the power head. That you are not bored by dry clever reasoning, the answer of humor research, caught my eye. It once again confirms the wisdom of the withdrawal of the joke about the "woman" and "Communists." Among the senior students of faculty of psychology, conducted a survey on the topic, "What kind of man you are looking for life to become happy with it?" Prospective brides dreaming in full.

List "Absolutely necessary" male qualities and abilities has passed for six decades! Girls write out of one's own head, that a man in their life should be: a husband, lover, friend, master, teacher, brother, father, protector, driver, carpenter, gardener, decorator, mechanic, stylist, sexual pathology, nurse, psychiatrist, therapist, chef, cook, commandant, assistant warden, a plumber, porter, talker, good listener patient, cleanliness, good, not spreading things, generous, affectionate, attentive, gallant, intelligent, educated, not speaking unprintable words, non-smoker, not much drinking, humorous, athletic, strong, storyteller, a man capable of action and decision making, tolerance, understanding, accommodating, careful, with a good memory, ambitious, loving children, reliable, courteous, not disputed, able to make compliments, the rich, not look at other women, jealous of the measure, to get along with family, remember all important dates, giving unexpected gifts, surprises make, receive and understand the desire for change … everything. Oh, how! Here it is, what an ideal on feminine look! Supposed to get. Pay attention to the interesting part. At the very end says, "man must accept and understand the desire for change." That is hitryuschie students still reserved the right at any time, in order to do not choke perfections chosen, hit the road from the "ideal" for the ordinary and the uncommon bastard womanizer. For a change? Or sweep the formula – "the love of evil, love and a goat?" Think … J) (to be continued) Mila Musketeers, writer