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Low Carbon Creates Fashion

Hydraulic cone crusher becomes new fashion of mining machinery for its low carbon, energy saving and environment protection. Low carbon, energy saving and environment protection have become the hot topic of our discussion. Energy saving and emission reduction, green environnent protection have been an unavoidable question for each industry. Mining machinery manufacturers launch new product one after another which contains concept of technical innovation and environment protection. Hydraulic crusher is such a product. Cone Crusher adopts the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentricity, OS size of the crushed product is much smaller. Therefore, more crushing and less grinding efficiency is more significant, crushing and grinding power consumption is greatly reduced.

Perfect combination of high crushing efficiency and highly efficient chamber makes larger capacity than other crushers. More materials are crushed by different layers, so size of end product is evenly cubic. Eccentric cover makes main shaft to rotate causing eccentricity. The design process of Cone Crusher has always been slow, which has lasted for almost 60 years. Some productions have reliable been used for reference in the basic design of cone crushers. The greatest lies in the improvement of rotating speed changing.

For example, a 48-inch (120 cm) Cone Crusher in 1960 can produces 170 tons of gravels per hour, while the same size today can produce 300 tons per hour. The improvements come from the enhancement of speed, as well as some better design of crushing cavity. Another great development of cone crusher exists in the application of hydraulic techniques, which can protect the uncrushed materials from getting into the crushing cavity. The uncrushed materials such as steel, can cause great damage and more cost to the crusher when getting into the cavity. The development of hydraulic Cone Crusher reduces much downward steals and prolongs the life of these machines. Hongxing Machinery has always been the greatest cone crusher manufacturer and supplier with complete specifications, which enables us to fulfill various needs users. For a long time, with the excellent performance and reliability, Hongxing cone crusher is recognized by the broad masses of customers. With good products and low manufacturing cost, Hongxing cone crusher is widely used in many industries. With obvious advantages, such as advanced technology, convenient to maintain and easy to operate, Hongxing cone crusher is your best choice in crushing materials. clinker rotary kiln: rock crushing plant: