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Antonio Machado Entrepreneurs

To undertake gives fear. To initiate any activity independently always has a high degree of risk reason why the entrepreneurs must be dangerous people, who know what they want, that they are not frightened before the adversity, that is Perhaps this the vision that, from the sofa of our house, we have of that chaste one that raises empires from the garage of its house. But no, it is not thus, absolutely. Perhaps never you have determined an intention you have taken that it until the end? Any thing would be worth, any example is useful. From a hobby until which you prune yourselves to imagine. Well, because of that it is than one treats. to have an idea, to take care of it, to maintain it in spite of the adversities, to fight by Clear her that this will not ensure the success to us, it is a triviality to be deceived, often we will fail but that is not exactly the important thing (although it seems contraintuitivo). The entrepreneurs who have gotten to prevail (in different scales from success) when they began did not have the minimum certainty of than they went to do it.

Simply they had one idea that wanted to carry out and that is what it mattered to them. Later the laurels would arrive but that is accessory to the process. Nobody fight by one devises in which it does not think because it thinks that it can hypothetical get to prevail. So it is not necessary to be a super-human species, only it is necessary to believe in an idea and to want to remove advanced it. Perhaps, at the end of the way, we will not arrive where we had proposed it to us but it is necessary to consider that to also walk is learned and that, as Antonio Machado said, traveller is no way, way when walking becomes.

In any case, this does not mean that the entrepreneurs must be solitary people, whom they must walk single by that way which they are creating when walking. Absolutely, the aid always is positive and, in fact, there are companies that are dedicated to that, to help the entrepreneurs to follow ahead. These companies evaluate the idea, their possibilities and, considering that, they help the entrepreneurs to develop as trying about as much economically better business the weak points, to improve forts But before that we must think what we want to do, what business idea we have and, from there, to advance. Not like a super-human but like which it has an idea and it wants to carry out it, neither the more nor the less.