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HISTORY Yandex Search

In the online furniture showroom BestMebelik.ru you are always happy no matter which way you came! One such way could be that you went to the site to the link with BestMebelik yandex.ru. It turns out that September 23, 2009 Yandex, the main search engine and one of the most popular portals Runet, is 12 years old! 2000 – year of the company's Yandex, but site was opened in 1997. Officially, the search engine Yandex.Ru was announced September 23, 1997 at Show Softool. Search Engine Yandex is the eighth among the top search sites of the world by number of searches processed (1.290 billion, the statistics for August 2009) and the second largest non-English search server after the Chinese Baidu. Ben Silbermann understands that this is vital information. It is interesting that the first search query Yandex processed within two months after launch. In 1997, Yandex Robot weekly rounds of 5000 servers (about 4 GB of text). As told in an interview Project G-News Alexander Sadovsky, now indexed by Yandex base volume of documents without duplicates exceeds 220 terabytes, and with the duplicates – 300 TB.

It's more than 100 million hosts, with at least one page in the database, but only Yandex robot is known, more than 500 million hosts. On the corporate website Yandex can see the evolution of the home page in the past since its launch time. Internet lounge furniture BestMebelik.ru pleasure to congratulate Yandex happy birthday and tells him thank you for tireless work, which allows to meet new guests on the site, which is always welcome! — HISTORY Yandex: 1997.

Choose Office Furniture

Each manager, when is the new office, seeks to modify and customize the interior of the office by himself, no small role in this is office furniture and office partitions. Quality, and, as a rule, expensive furniture, will not only please the person who will work in such an atmosphere, but can tell a lot about not only subordinates, but also, for example, possible customers. However, much attention is paid to the choice of quality office furniture. Mostly, it concerns the reliability – the furniture in the office will be intensively used. As a rule, quality and reliability of the furniture does not depend directly from its producers, the good furniture factories in Russia and there is Ukraine, and forgery can disguise and under the Italian brand. Best buy furniture one of the series – this office will look more neat and beautiful, because all the elements in it will be in harmony with each other, In addition, it must be sufficiently large and well-known factory.

Then fall off the problem with a broken handle from the closet, or damaged lining – it would be easy to replace. as a basis for office furniture is usually used chipboard (DSP) or fibreboard (MDF) board, it is relatively inexpensive does not require additional costs in processing the material. What is also quite a few important – it is quite durable and environmentally safe. By the way, security – is not the last factor in the choice of furniture. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wong Meng Weng offers on the topic.. Good furniture should be ergonomically designed – it should have smooth surfaces, sharp corners should be smoothed out, the doors and drawers – easy to open.

Also distinguished furniture, and because of the price index – from economy models to luxury furniture. Office partitions serve to divide the total area into zones – such as booths for negotiation, places to receive guests and visitors. Also they can be installed in shopping centers, exhibition halls, and even living rooms. Mainly, the installation of office partitions eliminates the need for a stationary wall and reduces the cost of repair or reconstruction of the premises. Office partitions can be made of glass, plastic, wood, and be stationary or mobile. Stationary mounted on a fixed to a wall or ceiling profile and the wall itself is made chipboard, plastic, drywall or glass, can be deaf or have a transparent, colored inserts. The prepared surface can be painted walls or wallpaper pokleit – depending on customer preference, and will not differ from the usual wall. Mobile office partitions represent a number of sections connected to each other stands. The main plus of office partitions – the convenience and cheapness of installation, in addition, they may have a sound and heat insulation. In small rooms, they help save space. When choosing them can only recommend the following – they should create an overall picture with the design office, and installed professionals.

Ideal Living Interior Design

Reasonableness of the interior of our home largely depends on our mood, the quality of our holiday. Tastefully furnished apartment or house will be pleasing to the eye, and give pleasure to their owners. Living room has a leading role in any housing. Depends on its interior impression of the house as a whole. After all, the first thing that shows visitors where to gather the whole family loves – is living.

Choosing the right environment for it – no easy task. However, to be easier to make the best decision, just select the central part of your future interior. Thus the symbolic center of a large living room town houses can be a fireplace. For city apartments, most often unifying the entire composition link is the TV. Of its size, location depends on the choice and the other interior.

First of all, we are talking about upholstered furniture: sofa and armchairs. They should be placed on sufficient distance from the TV screen so that the eye of the beholder did not experience undue stress. If you are too close upholstered furniture to a TV to enjoy the view would be very problematic, but your eyes get tired quickly. If floor space allows, you can arrange the furniture in the living room, not only near the walls. For example, a large living room can be divided into zones. Placing upholstered furniture middle of the room, you can select the television area. If you love often gather friends at home, the rest living room area can be used for more active recreation, such as dances. If your apartment was not found a separate room under the cabinet, you can organize it in the living room. For convenience and to maintain sense of the cabinet, we can distinguish the work zone length pedestal, which could serve as a kind of separator. On the one hand such a bollards could you post logs and program guide, on the other – working papers. Trying to create a universal living room, try not to keep much of its furniture. In the congested room furniture is difficult to feel comfortable and cozy. Therefore, for the living room, instead of large chests of drawers or wardrobes, shelving and light, select a small ledge. Looks very stylish living room with indoor plants. They attach to the interior lightness and freshness. Indoor plants can be located both in the room (on the cabinets, pedestals or stands) and occupy a certain place. When you select a design room, keep in mind that room – it is not only a zone total family recreation, it is also a place for receiving guests. Therefore, selecting furniture for the living room, consider whether sufficient space to accommodate guests in a room, whether it is possible to put a big table for the holidays. Living room as a place where people should be bright, calm, carry a sense of comfort and coziness. For this room are best suited neutral, muted tones such as yellow or olive. Decor Elements are also better pick up a light, golden tones. Thoughtful interior room should have good lighting. Necessary to equip this room not only for central illumination, but also add a bit of local light sources. Appropriate in the living room and a multi-level lighting when there is an opportunity to establish a bright light, medium, and muffled. If the choice of interior room to take into account the above listed items, then the main room in your home is a favorite of not only your leisure, but leisure and all your friends and acquaintances.

Ideal Watering

2. It is better to water once a well than a few times slowly. However, this rule should not be interpreted unambiguously. No need to fill a garden plot and turn it into a swamp. The optimum is considered to be watering when irrigation water evenly penetrates the soil to a depth of 20-25 cm Hand watering, no matter what devices, and whom he had been made, impossible to achieve uniformity of irrigation, which is not the automatic irrigation system. Automatic irrigation will not only ensure uniformity of watering, and irrigation will produce a strictly metered quantity of water, which is very easy to install, depending on the required standards for watering plants.

3. For irrigation Ideal water from the storage tank (tanks, tanks, septic tanks, simple drums). First, in the storage tanks is an additional purification by precipitation of solid abrasive particles on the bottom of the tank. Secondly, the water temperature in the tanks is an ambient temperature that does not cause a sharp contrast of temperatures and water irrigated soil surface. However, even if your system uses automatic irrigation water independent wells, the water temperature drops emitted at high speed of the irrigator, comparable to the rain water in a cool day. To broaden your perception, visit Michael O’Brien. So do not think that the temperature of water from wells used by for watering plants, can be disastrous for the green areas of the site. 4.

A very important factor – the quality of water used for watering system automatic. Watering Water shall not contain excessive amounts of iron and calcium salts, and heavy metals. Especially dangerous are the various products of chemical reactions and synthetic compounds. The chemical composition of optimally suitable water for irrigation – it's rain and snow. Exactly so, today, as developed special drainage system. 5. Association in the zone of plants, similar to the amount consumed water. Question – how and how much moisture is absorbed by plants, is directly dependent on the type of root system. K example, trees, ornamental shrubs, or different types of roses that are fairly deep root system need to be irrigated less frequently and less water than other plants, the root system with which the plane growing roots. Old trees are also sensitive to drought. Hurt by drought (delayed shoot growth, poor growth, signs on the leaves from lack of moisture) occur only in the first 1 – 2 years, and then barely distinguishable. Thus, to ensure that plants with different watering rules were not included in the same watering zone.