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DVB Tricolor

U.S. Swarmed by offers, Hyundai is currently assessing future choices. satellite Bonum-1, having fulfilled its guarantee of the performance period was provided for the cute little money to our almighty operators of satellite TV Tricolor TV and NTV, and transferred to a position 56E. Its pernatselili the territory of Siberia and began to actively recruit subscribers. However, the life of the satellite has passed. After the last diagnostic test Developer's companion said that the maximum satellite will work in orbit until mid-January 2012.

There simply ran out of fuel and the satellite will not be able to maintain a geostationary orbit. He is gradually coming down, safely repeat the feat of our station, world, burned in atmosphere … Well, what will happen to the subscribers of NTV + and Tricolor? The answer is known only to the operators, but for some reason they do not want to spread on this issue (for obvious reasons). Throughout Siberia rigionu only conducted advertising campaigns to attract an increasing number of subscribers. Let's examine the possibilities of development. 1.Kinut such a mass of subscribers they can not (at 90s after all), then we will move to another satellite, but it additional cost to reinstall the antenna. 2.So all nearby satellites can receive the signal at the antenna with a diameter of at least 0.8m (antenna with a diameter of 0.55-0.6m will have to change) 3.Vposlednee actively implemented the standard signal DVB-S2 Mpeg-4, which receivers DRS-4500 and DRE-4500 does not take very beneficial smogut.Aetot standard operators (you can fit more channels for the same money.) transition probability Tricolor TV Sibir on this standard signal is very high. So whether to rush to connect Tricolor? Maybe half a year will have to replace the equipment (and this is an additional cost item). There are so many options and alternative satellite television, and free with low cost equipment, as well as more lucrative satellite internet, rather than

Probe Group

Already there are companies that founded and successfully promoting international projects going to create social communities on the through means of telecommunication. It's fantastic for those who understand our vision of this approach to business! Have the opportunity to talk with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Do not limit yourself in time. Use the 3G connection. Created on the basis, of their social community within which the communication is free and, moreover, it is also a society of consumption of certain values – material or spiritual. It is the creation market for many producers of "information" products (whether multimedia applications or e-books, etc.) So, this is a guaranteed source of income for those engaged in communication.

Even providing free connection to people, these companies will make huge amounts of money on those products, which will be sold through the same connection! Skachok in the development of telephony from fixed to mobile – it's just skachok. But the transition from mobile telephony to the technology VoIP, and wireless Internet technologies – it is a revolution in telecom! And this revolution is affecting everyone and everything. And if not now affected – it will affect the already the near future. gsm communication is very expensive because of the high cost of servicing its technical basis and that is why she will not be free! But the VoIP link goes through other channels, has a different specificity and provides a great opportunities to the communications and service providers. Therefore, it is now cheaper and will be even cheaper as reducing the cost of the Internet (which is now strive with great speed to zero!). It creation of social and consumer communities will be the mechanism that connects and provides a stable revenue growth of money the companies that promote such projects to the market.

I can even guess what these companies capture a significant segment of the telecom market, as Not only do earn it, but, above all, provide an opportunity to earn an income to those involved in the dissemination of these services and in using them! By According to the magazine Forbs' Today (Article written in late 2006), Internet telephony is used not more than 1% of subscribers of wireline networks. But by 2008, according to research firm Probe Group, the share of the world will increase to 28%. Technology voice over WI-FI allows the use of the existing zones for wireless Internet telephony: using special phone subscribers can get access to a global network and use it for voice communications. " Someone will say: 'We know we have this voip! The quality is worse than fixed-line phones ' But statistics suggest that many people are willing to go to a small deterioration in quality, but save on this (and even more to earn)! Even worse is the quality, in comparison, such as cellular phone? No, not worse As well as in mobile communications, and there are interruptions, and noise, so in the ip-telephony there are obstacles associated with the functional state of the Internet But this does not stop people who want to talk, talk, see each other without restrictions. And the quality will improve as technology. They improved to ogomnymi speeds. All of this is already happening before our eyes. Future of VoIP-telecommunications grand!